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Sunday, November 2, 2014


Thursday we put out a plea for prayer and it was answered allowing us to help Friday morning. Thanks to a ministering saint hearing the LORD. We were able to help a church member from a mountain church. The preacher got her off the mountain to the hospital in the middle of the night. We were not able due to end of month funds and no fuel. She was sick with dengue and went into labor but it was breached. The hospital did a c section. We went Friday morning to help the preacher minister to her and help him as he used all he had to get her there and no way to get back up. Lisa made up a box and we took care of food, meds and transportation needs. Her name is Myrna. The baby boy is a month early and in ICU. Thank you for answering prayer...

Went up to a mountain church Sundays morning to take a few supplies and check on the electric install by the power company. The village just got electric up there and part of the offer was the electric company would run up to the meter pan if we signed up and payed their connect fee. That was a few weeks ago. Now the building is ready to wire in lights, outlets, fans, and switches when the LORD provides. I mapped out what was needed now to turn that into a parts list and pray f...or a way. I dont think the church should do the wiring after hearing they took up the ground rod and wireing the electric company put in because they were afraid the kids would touch the bare wire and get shocked... But wireing direct to the meterpan with a spliced together extension cord to power up a mic was considered safe.. I had to smile and bite my tongue. It will be great to begin regular night services. A second church near the Lighthouse is also a week or two from this point and also pushing to start night service when they get Electric installed. I arrived in the mountain and the SS teacher went cough cough can your kids teach? So Julie and Patricia taught the children and our interm pastor, who was one of our institue students, preached a great message on the strength of one mind in the body. He used pencils and handed them out to members and ask a few it they could break them...easily. But then gathered them into a group all a lined in one direction and it would not break even by the strongest guy. good stuff. We talked for the 2 hour ride back down and picked up another group in the city for service at the chapel on the Lighthouse property. Another good service and folks bulging out the door even more than last week. Alot of teens wanting to hear the preaching of our institute students. The playground was being well used prior to services as well. I am sure some of those sounds will be similar in Heaven... The premee baby and mom from the mountain are doing well still in the city. Pray for finances and provision that the LORD would provide all that is needed, needs on every side all the time. Seems like it takes ever more time, money and effort to do less.


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