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Friday, August 21, 2015

Fighting the serpent

Honduras missions update. 8/21/15
Still battling the old serpent. Sometimes literally. Kids found a 10 foot snake near the Lighthouse and one of our church members eliminated the "threat". There is a 15 footer in the mountain behind us. I'm thinking pet snake... I may find this a lonely thought...
Our preacher in Nicaragua visited and I loaded him up with bibles, joy bags and supplies to return with. He has an outreach very near the border, but not near the normal crossing. Up the mountain over the old single lane military bridges.
People attend the services from both sides of the border in a village up the mountain. Instead of crossing and "debating" all day with border guards like last time, we just dropped bibles and preacher off near the mission and he and some men walked it over for a bolsa of pepsi( ie you buy a 1.5L glass bottle and 3 small plastic bags and divided it and hand the bottle back to the seller. Some might call it smuggling bibles, in Honduras it is just life as it is. It cost 50 cents... do what you can afford. Amen.

An old friend donated an industrial sewing machine for one of our mountain preachers. Other ministering saints are making a way to get it here. The pastor makes belts to sustain the ministry and his family in the mountain. He makes thousands of belts on an old pedal powered machine. We have looked for 3 plus years for another way. After helping the village get electric a while back an electric sewing machine seemed logical. It just so happens it was the exact unit were had been looking for. Amen!
We have been digging for a septic system and building a tank. All by hand, a lot harder than the prefabs they do in the US. But it is coming together.
 Several more outreaches planned in churches, and 3 churches have folks ready for baptism when water is available. Might be doing some of them at the Lighthouse property. Praying our months get shorter and the ministry become even more profitable to heavenly accounts.


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