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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

When the devil looks like a monkey

Been a rocky start to the month. Sunday morning started off with a fight with a monkey and he got in the last bite to my ear. Went all Sunday with a dripping bloo
dy ear. weee. Sat night we had an outreach preaching teaching time in a Luz y Vida Baptist Church. One of the member's adult sons was killed on his way to work at the same time of night. Robbed and hit in back of neck with a machete. Funeral was Sunday. His twin sister is sch to be baptized this Sunday. Also did an outreach i. The mountain on Friday night. Several kids went and took care of equipment ect. so I was free to teach a lesson to the youth about the glory of God and used Hubble pictures. All were glue to the screen. On way down punctured another tire but made it home by midnight. Some of our bible grads are teaching bible classes in public schools currently 3 schools, about 300 students. But they are being asked by more schools to also teach in them... 10 are asking. Need much more supplies, funds and workers to do it. Imagine a public school begging a church to come teach bible weekly to every class and ever student.. and we say no because we cannot full fill all the need... glorious and heartbreaking in same breath... prepping for a big multi-church baptism service Sunday at Lighthouse property. Wish our latest project was finished for it... but septic is in, foundation dug, and starting to pour...progress amen. It will be a multi use open building, many uses we have needed for many years...just as the Lord provides. Keep us in prayer...


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