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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Planting and weeding

Went almost 3 days this time with no electric. Thankful water lasted. Called the electric company and they told me it could be up to a month with no electric. Post a plea online then prepped to go to town and get needed parts to do a high voltage line swap. (half our neighborhood still had power on 2nd line. We installed the poles and transformer ourselves when we built the Lighthouse.) Then presto electric came back on... Should have asked prayer sooner.. someone had a direct line... now we can buy food. Need to clean our water storage and install new filters since system has been down.
Jenny and Alberto had their baby. It was several weeks premature but only minor issues that are passing. Mom and baby are well. They named him Alan Jose after Alberto and me.. humbling. Alberto is asking to do more ministry hoping to send him out on a monthly to visit the churches, but need to fix the old kia first.
Visited with several national pastors this week to talk about issues. All have worrisome medical problems weighing on them, but the work continues and we were able to help in various ways; Meds, exams, ect.
Institute grads are now in 6 public schools preaching and teaching full time. Their church is in need of 50 more chairs just for adults. Amen.
The church building in Nic. is up and roof half on, maybe finish roof this month. Our Lighthouse school shop is being built by us and ours. Foundation is in have all the blocks. Also have 1000 of the 3000 blocks here to start a much needed transition house.
Julie is prepping to leave for medical school. She is studying hard for entrance exams. Our Lighthouse school kids are taking finals this week and school begins for some of them in just 2 weeks.
Always something to do here even in "down" time,.. like sharping a machete...found some ghost chili seeds...so I want to do a gardening trial with the kids and grow hot chili peppers to make salsa as a business school project.. or sermon illustration.
Thank you for ever prayer, remembrance and provision.


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