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Sunday, December 7, 2008

No Greater Joy...

Nursing home in Choluteca,

3 John 1:4 No Greater Joy…
You know that rare feeling when everything… just works, you know the LORD is pleased, and everyone is joyful. We had one today. The ladies and the young girls combined classes today to go and minister to the only nursing home we have here. Not the quality of home that you expect in the USA by any stretch, but better than the alternative of living in the street, as many others do. They rarely get visitors. Some school classes visit as community service training, but it is kinda like going to the zoo. No spiritual purpose just go, smile, and watch. The Ladies on the other hand did a wonderful job with the girls ministering. They prepared meals, presents, handed all books of John and some got Bibles. (A ministering saint donated a bunch of ty-baby stuffed animals. A great blessing for ministry.) They all sang, served and fellowshipped, and gave gentle touches and hugs to let them know they care, they showed a gospel witnessing movie and witnessed, many had tears of joy. A few were bed ridden and the girls went room to room reading out of their Christmas devotional books Lisa made and their Bibles. Jenny with Nancy led one lady to Christ. After they prayed the lady began weeping profusely. Jenny did not know what to do except asked her why? She told her she was the first person to tell her the truth about Jesus and for the first time in her life she felt free because a burden and worry was lifted. Jenny and Nancy were excited. Blancita one of the girls we put in school also led another bedridden lady to the LORD. A rather fiesty, very old, and slow gentlman was refusing to let the girls help walk him to the pavilion. "I can do it myself!" Till I leaned into his ear saying, "When was the last time you had two beautiful godly young ladies in both arms wanting to walk and talk with you?" Ding, The lights came on as well as a smile and change of attitude. He put both arms out and all began to laugh... Another blind man put his ill fated trust in Nancy to guide him, and they also giggled and talked as they bumped in to a few things along the way. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon, all learned something and put treasure in heaven… amen.

I knew it was going to be good because the spiritual attack began early. Lisa got sick last night and was not able to sleep, nor was she able to keep the meds down or go anywhere today. We think it might be amebic dysentery; she was handling a baby with it a few days back… She finally slept today, while I juggled shuttling 40 girls and ladies to the nursing home, and feeding and caring for the other 10 younger kids in the house and getting meds. Barry Jr went with the ladies to do video ect. Yet I still managed to pour a section of the stair railing at the property… in my “spare" time. Amen!

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,


At December 7, 2008 at 7:34 AM, Blogger Susanna said...

AMEN! I just finished reading this last post. Praise God! It brought tears to my eyes! It was such a blessing to see Alba, Jenny and Nancy all ministering to the people! Wow, what a blessing!! Nancy looked SO happy! Praise God!!

Love and Prayers...


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