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Monday, January 5, 2009

Prayer request and thankfulness

I did not preach to day, had to get an ox out of the ditch, actually a preacher... As we opened our hymnals a young man ran into church and said Pastor Enemesio had a wreck on the motorcycle and needed to get to the hospital. The folks in Los Terreros got him there. When I arrived only to find out the Socialized Hospital ER told us to bring him back tomorrow when they have someone available...You have to be kidding me. And people WANT socialized medicine? So I said I’ll take care of it and we rushed him to the place we go sometimes, a pay clinic called Sinai, but the Doctor was in ElSalvador. We called him on his cell and he rushed back and in a couple of hours had him checked over. We have taken a lot of folk and children to him and he treats us fair, trama and bones are his speciality. Nice to have friends. They took him in immediately and put him on pain meds so he could rest. Once he was examined he only had a broken ankle. The doc said the muscle damage on his thigh was severe and surprised him with no broken femur. His chest was also checked but only had cuts and bruises all over. He had lost control on a curve coming down the mountain from a house visit after church. He took out about 50 feet of barbed wire fence and a few HD fence posts. Thankfully it was not at the cliff section, and the wire actually held him back. I went up and got the motorcycle off the mountain. The motorcycle is destroyed broken motor and trans case, bent frame, and bent front end. But the rear tire we put on for him yesterday is great!
He is hurting but resting in the clinic tonight and will be casted tomm when they get the swelling down…wee…. Everyone was thankful it could have been a lot worse for a 62 year old man…He said now he can make more time to study his Bible, we laughed. But I also saw a 62 year old, working full time carpenter, and full time preacher, that no longer has transportation to church or visiting, and will not will be able to support his family for a couple of months….Unworthy Barry


At January 5, 2009 at 6:59 AM, Blogger Hannah said...

Thanks for the email update on Pastor and for posting. I will continue to pray for him

Love and Prayers,

At January 8, 2009 at 5:46 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

We've been praying for him too, thanks for the update and the e-mail! God bless you as you continue serving HIM!!

Love and prayers...


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