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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

...nothing shall be impossible unto you

The day started out making several trips around town to the Lighthouse to Pastor Enemesio’s house, picking up supplies and the doors and windows for the church in Los Tererros. I also wanted to take Gloria some corn for the children since we were up there. She has been caring for 5 children for us, almost a year, waiting on the Lighthouse to be finished. (Just started tile and banister work a long way to go yet) We started out at 7:30 with Barry Jr and some of our kids to help, by the time we got in the mountain it was 11:30. Enemesio and Barry Jr quickly went to work. At Ememesio’s request Jr was to stay and help but now needed the welder for the window bars.(Ie another trip up and down the mountain). Since we were up there, I took some corn to Gloria’s house to visit, and again was asked by the children, “When are we coming to your house?” Gloria also had 3 more new children that were only temporary and needed to visit Choluteca for supplies. So we left and headed back to town. Talking with her she too asked when? I called Lisa and explained, she turned to Alba and asked are you willing to step up and be moma #2 she agreed, so even sick Lisa said yes. We stopped at child services and they were happy to change the paperwork. They also asked if we would bring the other 3 temporary children down the mountain (since they had no vehicle at the moment) and keep them for the night for a meeting in court. Ok, back up the mountain with a welder and generator and Gloria and supplies. Pick up 3 children , all dirty and filled with parasites. Return home drop them off to Lisa and head out to a marriage counseling class still dirty from work…When I returned home Lisa had cleaned them up, given them all deworming pills, cleaned their rags of clothes, found some more to fit, had devotions and ready for bed.(did I mention one was only a year old?) Today I will take more cement to the Lighthouse, drop the 3 to child services court, then take the Child service lawyer to the mountain and pick up the other 5 to live with us…and Barry Jr and Enemesio who sleep in the church last night. Our house will now have 21 mouths to feed, clothe, school, and care for. We thought we were stretched when we had 4. I was talking to yet another pastor last night who graciously offered to visit any churches in his area and intercede on our behalf…. Not sure how all this is going to work, feeding and caring for this many, christmas and school just around the corner. Though I can relate a little to Peter being bid come and walking on water… especially the “LORD Save me!” part. All I know is we are in the LORD’s hands and that is more than good enough for me… AMEN!

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,



At December 10, 2008 at 9:14 AM, Blogger Susanna said...

Just finished reading this post and again it brought tears to my eyes... we'll be praying for God to continue to supply all of your needs...

God bless,
Love and prayers...


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