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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Déjà vu

Got bit by another scorpion last night, actually I think the same one as before. He was in my shorts to sleep in and got me as I put them on. Zapped me on the inner thigh. So another day sore with numb tongue and lips… hmm may have to preach too. I crunched him this time but he still escaped again. As Bugs Bunny use to say "Of couse you do know this means war "… And when I get him I’ll post his dead photo here as a warning to the rest of his clan… ☺

We are still plugging along down here. Still passing out Christmas shoeboxes. Going today to Lenaca and next Sat Los Tererros then we should be done. More pictures tomorrow. Pray for salvations as well. Also taking up 4 benches to them too.
The kia is fixed and modified for the mountains now…and now the police stop me more often…not to harass, but to asks about it because they drive the same trucks. USA type Kia truck upgrade parts are not available here or anywhere. We had to make or have made, most of it including the wheels. It has taken more than 3 years to collect everything, much of it donated. The instillation this past 2 weeks has cost very little but time…
Lisa and the girls got the wood fired earthen oven fired up this week to harden it. While at it they opted to make bread from the grits that came in the last container. Yum. Turned out a little hard but very tasty. Not bad for a first try using it. Yes 55 gallons of popcorn grits came in the last container. Still looking for ways to prepare it. Sabas took some home and brought back a milk drink his wife made with it. Yum. A lot better than my first experience cooking it. I tried making sweet grits, but cooked them more like instant oatmeal. The kids gobbled them down and about 10 minutes later most of the boys threw up…they expand a lot…even after eating if not fully cooked…ops.

The large open well we have on the property will soon be closed with concrete. It has been a worry from day one that a child might fall into it and drown. Pastor Santos’ young daughter fell in one in the mountain last year and clung to the side for hours before she was rescued.

Karen’s 9th birthday was today and the traditional piñata of course. What was not so traditional was the dog decided to join the kids to the delight of them all. She also play soccor with them…and eats the balls. Lisa also made a very different cake. She took a doll, dressed her as a princess and made a cake dress for it. Karen like it so much she doesn’t want to eat it… I let the kids take the camera and take photos. Lots of interesting shots, actually some were pretty good.

Customs is still calling almost daily about the unpaid additional bill for the container. Not sure what to do there just don’t have enough to give them and keep the lights on and kids fed. The donated food through Directline Ministries back in Oct is gone. It was a major blessing and eased burdens for months for us in that area. Pray they can do it again. But if we don’t pay customs it will be a mute point, ie no more containers. Our Resident Visas are due for renewal again and must be done before Lisa goes to the USA on the 22nd. So many more things not even listed that are on hold for now, like finishing the Lighthouse ect. As always from my perspective I never see the light at the other end of the tunnel… When things mount up and the burden increases I still wonder from whence the hand of our LORD will come. At least it does not keep me from venturing into the tunnel in the first place. Amen!


At March 6, 2010 at 4:12 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

Praying for you all..thanks for the update and the pictures. I love to see the kids and how much they're grown! Love you all..


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