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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Always something...

Just a note. Have not had alot of computer time lately. Either the power is out, internet out or I am out of town at the Lighthouse or just no time. Currently our well pump is bad again, this time the pump vanes self destructed. Jr pulled it out but waiting on parts and funds to purchase when in, little over $500. I crave to be able to take water for granted like we did in the states.
The Big kia bent a wheel (One of our special made wheels that took a year to make and get here made from the same steel as tractor trailer wheels) on the last ride up the mountain with Jr helping Enemesio on the road again. Also broke the dump bed lift pump. Jr and Enemesio drove up the mountain beyond the witch’s house visiting. I did not know you could go higher than that?? Leave it to Jr. The motor in the moma kia spun a bearing in the motor and needs fixed. The Electric company is threatening to turn off the power because we have not run all the lines as promised when they connected us up. Need to purchase and install 500 feet of line and poles to meet their requirements of connecting both the bodega and the Lighthouse on one meter… Just no funds as of late for “extras”. It is a struggle just keeping food and water on the table every week. The kids need various clothes for school already, holes in knees of pants and toes of shoes from kneeling on rough concrete in school and home. I have yet to see the kids outgrow anything here. Nothing lasts that long. The cheap stuff avail here just doesn’t last. Even the good stuff takes a beating in our rough environment.

Wonderful night in church tonight. Carlos preached on purity and separation, I see Carlos not as a student anymore but more as a equal fellow labour in Christ. The photo is from Monday night. I gave the book pilgrims progress to the kids to use for devotion time. Toño read it with all the rest of the children sitting around. I happened to have the camera handy and got a picture before they noticed. I have seen such a change in these children in the past few years.

We are poised to do so much more but need the LORD to open the doors of provision to do so. Got to get up in 3 hours to take the kids to school…
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour


At May 13, 2010 at 7:07 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

You're all still being prayed for...it was so good to see the kids. I could just picture them all getting so excited to sit there and listen to Tono read them the stories! PTL for the change that you've seen in the kids lives! It's only because of you and your family being willing to give your lives to these kids and their families! :) Love you all...praying for you! :)


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