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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Without a Vision...

Just wanted to share a little with our praying ministering saints. Below are a few of the projects that have been on my mind as of late in no particular order. Some are in progress and held up due to time, labor or finances. Some are needed now, Some are needed soon, some will add more ongoing expenses we must also find a way to meet. But all need prayer. Listed with a guestment of the costs. As of this posting we have $159.74 in the bank. We already bought food for this week but the rent is due Monday for the house in city we need to close…but need the communications and need to finish a few things at the lighthouse. I do not believe we have ever started a project with money in the bank to complete it…it always comes at Gods appointed time later Amen!Without a vision….

Future and current project list, big and little.
1. Roof on La Cruz Baptist classrooms $1500
2. Build church classrooms in Lenaca $5-7000
3. Build a church building/chapel on Lighthouse property to facilitate a new church plant. $5-7000
4. Build a church building in Colonia (have land) $5-7000
5. Build a church building in SanGeranimo. (need land) $10,000 for both
6. Finish classrooms and start a school at the Lighthouse property $5000 plus ongoing expenses for teachers materials ect
7. Build a Laundry room at the Lighthouse $1500
8. Beds/closets for children of the Lighthouse $3-5000
9. Clean a field and plant a veggie garden at the Lighthouse 0-$300 fencing ect
10. Finish the retention pond to charge well water Just time and weather and fuel
11. Finish running electric to install meter on lighthouse $1000-1500
12. Build secondary dorm rooms $5000
13. Build a work shed/garage $3000
14. Finish Kitchen at lighthouse, food storage, grill, LP stove, cabinets ect $1000
15. Awning from outside kitchen to dinning hall $500
16. Fix gutters and downspouts( Overflows right at the corner of the foundation and is washing material away) $200
17. Build a large concrete water storage tank on the mountain to supply entire property with water and allow us water even when electric is out frequently here. $2000
18. Solar hot water system $500-1000
19. Drill well deeper and case it and add a sediment filter(clogs the washing machine in one day) $5000-10000
20. Finish second floor level at Lighthouse $10,000
21. Need a bus $15000
22. Look for ways to raise support for 50 future children in the Children’s Lighthouse. That’s over $800 per week just in food no including prep, clothes schooling ect… The government would give 50 children to us tomorrow if we said yes. Currently struggle with the $300 a week it costs now…
23. Look for a way to open a feeding center for 150 children 1 meal daily around the Lighthouse property. Approx $3000 per month including help
24. Finish office and library $1000
25. Fence front of property ??
26. Cut a car accessible road on the property ??
27. Repair bathrooms in bodega $200
28. Find way of communication from property (satellite system?) $3500
29. Prepare to collect a food drive and container shipment $5500

In the photo is the property we cleared out to build a chapel and future church on the Lighthouse property. The kids cleaning the old tent now being used in San Geronimo to start a church. And the new entrance for La Cruz Baptist Church so we no longer have to walk in the mud like we did for 3 years under the tent. Just a little cement and alot of rocks hauled out of the river...Amen. They also need a roof on the classroom pictured.
unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,


At June 13, 2010 at 1:45 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

Will be praying for you all...praying for the Lord to supply your needs and lead in which area He wants fulfilled right now.


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