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Saturday, May 22, 2010

1 John 3:17

Brother Sabas has been helping us alot over the last few months. Chores at the property, preaching, in the mountains teaching and helping with the kids ect. We have known him for years. I found out Friday his son had a medical problem and Sabas had opened a line of credit against his house to pay for a specialist to do the surgery. His 3 year old son Micheal has a tumor in a private area affecting urination and giving a lot of pain. The socialized hospital said he needed a specialist and set an appointment for 2 months from now at a pay facility in the capital. So we made a few calls and the Doctor who did the surgery on Lisa is just such a specialist. An appointment was made for today for an exam, and surgery is scheduled for Monday.The doctor is doing it as a favor for us for much less than going to the capital. It is a lot of money for Sabas (and us) but in reality it's not a lot of money. Surgery, anesthesia, meds ect will be less than $400. I told him not to worry about it Friday, that the LORD would make a way for it to happen and told the doctor to do it. Jumping out of the plane without a parachute… But I know this servant of the LORD is in the LORD's hands and will make a way.

Been a week of little trials, sand in waterlines, valves broken, leaks ect. Started digging a retention pond only to have the rains hit and fill it up long before its finished. Our guard dog got bit by a snake multiple times and needed shots. It was touch and go for a while. He swelled up then a 6inch whole opened in his skin and fluid just poured out for several days. Trying to get the mama kia engine rebuilt and the old datsun's brakes working as well; so the church men don’t have to borrow vehicles to go to the outreach missions in the mountains and preach. The school the kids are in, is out as much as it is in. Spend a hour plus getting the kids ready and then have them walk home because school is canceled or not send them or prep them the next day because news said canceled only to have a teacher come by and say we change it were having class today in 5 minutes... Always something eating up time and money in ways you would prefer not. Pray the LORD opens some doors for support, several irons in the fire but nothing hot enough to form yet. It really must increase in magnitude not just percentage.

Lisa’s Birthday was today and we went out for our traditional Chinese, just the 2 of us. First time in a long time we spent a little time alone together… What did we talk about…the kids and ministry. Oh well. Take the fish out of water and he gasps to return.
The video below is a candid shot of Iris and Jenny singing and writing one of the songs we have. I was out side playing with the kids and listening. I snuck in and put the camera around the corner to try to catch a moment before they saw me and quit in embarrassment.
Looking forward to a good day in church tommorrow

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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