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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Collage...

A collage of photos to go with the collage of ideas… We had a very special day Saturday. Lisa has been working on this project for a year collecting trinkets while in the USA and ideas from different things. It was originally to be a special birthday for Jenny but her birthday came and went last month without much fanfare. Time, money and sickness ect collided and it did not come to pass as planned. But rather, as God always does, it was transformed into something much better. A couple of weeks ago Jenny ran off in the woods after refusing to go to school. My heart sank as we thought she ran away, and began looking for her. We found her crying on a big rock in the mango trees. She had been acting unusual, distant and a little rebellious for a time. I told her what I saw and asked her what was really going on. We talked a while about many things and she finally said she had been having bad dreams and thinking about all the things in her life and things we sacrificed for her and had gone through, and the pain she saw us endure. The dream was that she ran away after being dropped at school in the city and went to be with her mom and started working the same way as her older sister and mom do. (Prostitution) Nancy, one of the children we had a few years ago, did just that. Jenny then broke down crying and fell on me in a hug and said, “I don’t want that for my life, I want to live for God”. So her fear, rebellion, repentance, disappointment and missed birthday were transformed into a Consecration to God gala with a princess theme. She invited friends and those she thought needed to hear and see her make this choice. Each one had to bring a parent. We ended up with several churches represented, well over 100 attending, in an activity that was filled with tears of joy, laughter, food and fellowship. All centered around a preaching message that pricked deep into heart of all present. When Jenny walked out in her Cinderella gown followed by her younger siblings in princess attire, I was amazed and told her I never saw her look more beautiful than that moment and it was true. All of child services showed up (one with their teen daughter). Carlos and folks from La Cruz Baptist sang and he read “Stay in the Castle” with everyone hanging on every word reading from their own copy. A short ceremony by Lisa where Jenny takes off her childish things and gives them to her little sister, then puts on her adult things to listen to a really strong sermon by Pastor Augusto. Afterwards she made a public offering of consecration to the LORD and prayer. We printed copies and I asked if any teens wanted to consider a similar path. About 40 came forward. We then had a special paper for the parents and asked if they wanted to raise their children this way. I think they all came forward even child services workers. After the event Maudra, a Child services lawyer (she was taking notes and crying through the services), went to Jenny and told her how blessed she was and that none of the children they place in homes have this great a blessing. At the request of Jenny, I had asked Pastor Augusto if he would mind preaching this type of event. Unsure of what it was having never done it (nor have we), he wanted to talk to Jenny and ask her what it was she wanted. To be sure it was not our will but her will in this event. He became convinced it was all Jenny. The event was an eclectic mix of consecration, baby dedication, wedding, chastity vow, preacher’s ordination, birthday, princess ball ect but Lisa and Jenny pulled it all together to make a beautiful event that I am sure the LORD was well pleased in. While at home talking to his wife about it earlier, Augusto’s teenage son chimed in and said “Dad I want to do that too, I want to dedicate my life to God”. He was almost in tears telling me this. Last night I had Katheryn walking back to the house still dressed as a beautiful princess and said, “Papi, I am ready, I want to turn from my sin so Jesus will save me, I want to be a princess of the King like Jenny”…and I had the privilege to lead her to Christ. Then as I was getting ready for bed Patricia comes to me to hug goodnight and asked to be baptized… I have never talked to her about it previously so it is purely Holy Spirit conviction…amen. I took a picture of Jenny and her little sister sleeping this morning with the doll Jenny gave her yesterday, not all grown up yet…amen. After she woke, Jenny came to me to say good morning and take on chores so Lisa could rest after 48 hours without sleep. I told Jenny what transpired last night with Patricia and Kathryn and she began to weep and I got another hug…Amen. Lisa and Jenny worked 2 days straight without sleep to bring it all together. The kids have been working days to do special clean up to make everything presentable to a large group of visiters. Burning leaves picking up ect. Even a little painting on the gate ect. Then this evening as I proof read Patricia hands me this note, if you can read it you'll be blessed... I know it touches my heart. All of the trials and all of the weariness of work fade away in moments like these…Amen!


At November 15, 2011 at 10:27 AM, Blogger Robin said...

In tears brother!! How wonderful and amazing!! Oh if the teens in this country could get ahold of this!!! Oh Praise GOD!!!!!!!!


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