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Friday, October 28, 2011

A Cinderella moment.

The waters have asswaged with no major damage locally. Thank you all for prayers they were effectual. Trying to do a few repair/modifications to the Lighthouse to prevent future issues. A retaining wall is going in to keep the foundation secure and need to fix the drainage of water off the mountain in back of the house because when it gets heavily saturated, the water comes through the cement and across the floor…Happened last year too. Just need to give it an easier path to follow before entering. This too will affect the foundation if not addressed. Needed to do it whether or not we could afford it. Need shorter months or longer finances. We lost the front wall of the dinning room a couple of years ago when building. But had hurricane/tropical storms back to back for two weeks then and no roof on yet either. Our potholes are torturous right now too because of the rains, some more than a foot deep and span the lane, makes driving at night risky. Seen many vehicles in ditched from blowouts. Pastor Santos came down today asking for help. The rains destroyed his crops and he has no money or food in the house. We did not have any funds to give him but Lisa went to the kitchen and shared what we had. (he has many in his house too including 2 orphans from church members he took in when their mom and dad died of aids.) We also loaned him clothes for school graduation. (the schools require a special uniform the children must wear and recite all the required things and photographs in order to graduate. Toño and Julie just finished yesterday. Lisa keeps a couple of sets on hand from years past. Must buy a special uniform to use one week…
“Doing” in Honduras is always twice as difficult as it should be it seems. Like internet not working correctly. I was trying to put minutes on my phone (use internet to do so), so I could call about the food shipping container (still up in the air). The connection kept timing out, loosing connection ect, and I tried 8 times till it finally registered on the phone. Unfortunately, 2 days later I find my bank was overdrawn because the cell provider gave and charged me …8x what I wanted. And since it is a third party, I’m stuck.
Jr church classes have been going well teaching on the Genesis foundations. Still working on basics with the church. Like having to teach a babe to eat. But we are having a faithful few. Preached a really strong soulwinning sermon this week and had many raise hands... much work yet to do.

Lisa brought back material to make a Cinderella dress for Jenny and a few other girls. A trial fit, but only after Lisa snapped a shot of Jenny scrubbing the back stairs of the green slime the rains caused. (need a good pressure washer if someone has one not being used). And a few photos of the bugs driven out by the rains. The kids are fascinated by them. The huge beetle and huge moth and locust, all sound like a military helicopter when flying- thump thump thump. Found a small bright florescent green spider too but wasn’t about to find out if it was venomous. It is now a permanent part of the cement wall. 9 inch spiders, 5 inch beetles, huge moths and 6 inch locust, When we enter the property at night there are always rabbits and huatusas scurrying across the field in headlights, a regular Garden of Eden…after the fall. Mosquitoes and all. By the sweat of the brow… Blog post at 3 am so I can load a picture…always harder here but not impossible…With God. Amen.


At October 28, 2011 at 2:21 PM, Blogger Elliott Parfitt said...

Looks like you're as busy as ever...praying for you. Keep on keepin' on!

At October 28, 2011 at 3:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Busy folks there!! Praying for you all!


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