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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weary but not fainted...

Been long, tiring, and expensive days since Pastor Green left. It always take a bit to recover from the revved up pace, no recovery allowed this time. It took us a week to dry out our 30yr old bounce house. I had put a couple of boys inside it to seal up holes during the activity in the rain, but once the other children heard a day or so later it wasn’t scary, they all wanted to take a run through the maze.

No electric for several days so I took the children for a drive before church to see the flamingos migrate in from Florida, then a quick stop at the river to rinse off kids before church. Cross an area we crossed many times before, only this time it was washed out. Hit 4wd and it did not engage, right as I needed to rev the engine several kids jumped out so I did not want to risk hitting one. In that 10-15 second delay the kia took on water and poof motor quit. So we ended up stuck in the river, no one around and anything solid to hook a winch to, way too far away. Waved down a shrimp hauling truck to pull us out and he got stuck. Then found a farmer 2 hours later with a tractor to pull us both out in the pitch black night. The only light was from a spotlight on the kia a ministering saint gave us, but the kia batteries were under water so did not know how long it would last. The tractor chained up to the kia just as the storms waters quickly rose and began to sweep the kia down stream. Pay everyone for the help. Towed it to town and began the process of drying it out cylinders and all. It is still in a shop and they want $500 for all they did to it. At least the new motor did not get ruined. The “quick” dip meant we did not make it to church that evening. The only one home was Toño and he tried to play a gospel movie for a make shift service.
Borrowed a vehicle to meet the Visa lawyer and go to immigration Monday. Jr and I got final papers for this years visas filed, now just to wait for the state to issue the cards. But Lisa will have to go when she arrives Monday. And the Lawyer wants $1200 for her fees these last 8 months when Lisa goes. Not sure how that will happen. And the whole process must start over in just a few weeks. (Really want to get the 5 year visas next time)
We have been collecting supplies needed to wall up the classroom area so school classes can start in February. We started laying the blocks and mixed cement to fix the driveway as well. Time to finish messages for tomorrows services. Uh power just went out again. A tree on our property touch the high power line, Jr went to cut it down but now to wait for power again. Lisa will be home Monday and a container with some donated food should be here this week.

Had several of our preachers come by this week seeking advice for various situations in ministry. Again the Holy Spirit gave wisdom beyond my measure and made the complex and hard simple and easy. Amen!
Had several men from La Cruz Baptist church come by and as if they could “buy” our old van that hasn’t run in a year. They have a new member that wants to fix it and start a bus ministry…Wow amen. Of course I just gave it to them. Hondurans have a way of getting things working with little or no money out of necessity so I hope they can put it back on the road. In reality it doesn’t need a lot but it does need… They also finisshed the classrooms, and bathrooms and stuccoed the inside of the church so it all has a finished look. Pastor Agusto also has put a stucco finish on the outside of their church so the rain does not continue to wash it away. Amen!
Lots to pray for mainly in the health and finance end.
Thank You for every remembrance,
Barry Ritchie


At September 24, 2011 at 8:05 PM, Blogger Amber Day said...

Praying for you all!

At September 27, 2011 at 9:33 PM, Blogger Robin said...

Brother....wow...praying always for your dear family!!! I struggle with my faith for God's provsion often, but then he reminds me of the Ritchie family and how he takes care of them! Praise the LORD for your faithful family! Lots and lots of LOVE!!!!


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