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Friday, November 25, 2011

"Honduran" Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Honduras has never been normal. It’s not a holiday here and it gets harder each year trying to maintain the traditional element to it. This year we were tapped out more than in the past in many ways and passed on celebrating traditionally; choosing rather to save what we could for Cindy’s operation soon. Lisa got sick after Jenny’s big day and the special day also drained resources. So a few days later when Sayder and Patricia have birthdays there is not much that can be done. Thankfully, they were easy to please. When I asked if they want a party or the beach… the beach! I can swing that, there is fuel in the kia, throw some lunch in a cooler and take off with the kids so Lisa can rest. We arrived to find the spot we use got hit by a mini tsunami a month back, and took out buildings near the beach. It made the entry road only accessible to soft tired 4x4s. Blessed being all alone with family at the beach again.
A few days later we went and had blood tests done in preparation for Cindy’s operation and also did Aids test on her and Patricia. Both came back negative which is a relief considering their backgrounds. While in town the Kia broke a U-joint and needed brakes before taking a group of school kids to a science museum in Tegu the following day. (another promised the kids got me into, you know, like “My dad can do that” and all assume it’s a done deal and just tell me about it later on a need to know basis :) I was cringing watching the mechanic try to change the u-joint, swinging wildly with a hammer. So I offered a little expertise in self perseveration of the drive shaft. Threw on new brake pads, but the kia really needed rotors and calipers, not in the budget. We have worn out 4 or 5 sets of brakes on the same original rotors and calipers. It now has a hard pull to the left and pads smoke…wee. Going to make it rough in Dec when I go weekly up the mountain to preach for Pastor Augusto. The devil always seems to put hurdles in the road to what the LORD wants done. Thankfully the LORD made me with the attitude of an ant, when there is an obstacle in the way, just find a way over, around or through it and continue… going back is never an option. On her birthday, Patricia asked to visit her grandmother. I’m putty when she asks for things in a sweet spirit on her birthday, so when we stopped by and chatted, for the first time they finally admitted what we had suspected for a while. That her father died of aids, and that he had a baby die of aids as well from his relation with a 12yr old… The reasons why we do what we do are always before my eyes here.
Our thanksgiving dinner this year was a soup/stew. A very good soup that Lisa made, even spent the morning with the girls making the noodles and homemade bread, but still not what you would expect for an American thanksgiving. Never the less it was commenced with a true prayer of thanks because the kids know the reason for the change. A ministering Saint has promised the bulk of the funds, but nothing here is ever as cheap as first stated. And as I write the power company visits again and says I must meet with the boss to discuss our electric situation. So Monday I will find out we must pay a very large sum we don’t have to the electric company or cut our power… Need prayer as always… We really need a large increase in support level.


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