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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sufficient Grace

I often seek the LORD for rest from our heavy burden here, but the LORD sees fit to prove the only rest I need is him. Rather than lighten our burden at a time when we are weak and think we can go no further, he more often increases the load and just reassure us His grace is sufficient... In the last month our home has been more like a house of mourning for several spiritual and temporal issues greatly weighing us down. The authorities called Lisa Friday while she was out buying food with our children. They wanted Lisa to take in four more children. When she heard their story she could not refuse. Four children living like animals in a building without a roof, malnourished, neglected, abused and filled with parasites. Several other Honduran social families had already turned them down as too much work. They have few social skills and do not know how to live in a house. There are few records for them so we are not sure of much except what comes from the children. Their names are Manuel-10, Omar-4 Karla-5, Cristella-7. In just 2 days with pull ups and the love and instruction from our children they have begun to conform to their new life. Our children were quick to take them in as family. Korina took the little girl (she has been asking for a little baby girl since Alba arrived...She asked us to "buy" Alba's... till she found out it was a boy), Patricia took Cristella as a little sister and is sharing little Omar with Christian. Manuel was quickly taken in with our three other older boys.  Everything is new, toilets ( going on the floor and walls is normal for them...even in the bathroom.) forks, spoons, bed, stopping to pray for food. Stealing was a survival instinct. But even in this there are blessings, I had several kids along with the 2 new girls out running errands, shopping for shoes ect. Not being able to return for lunch with Lisa I picked them up kids meals at a fast food place. A first for them. The girls were careful to gather all they could but save some for their brothers who were not with us. After trying to reassure them it was not needed they were resolute in their thoughts. Upon returning and finding out their siblings were full they quickly took back the food and finished their meals.. Sweet but tellingly heartbreaking. Firsts for Manuel, swinging on a swing and listening to him giggle with Omar, sleeping on a bed, using a bathroom and taking a shower, eating without fear of when is the next time, receiving a present, praying, hugs and I love you's... all of which seems strange to him. Some of the few left over dresses and clothes from Paul Deems visit fit and we made up our own "shoeboxes" to give them as a welcome home present. Listening to the children play and laugh the last couple of days has been much needed. Please keep us in prayer, Satan is sifting and buffeting us and it is at great expense financially, and ministerially at the moment. We need each and ever prayer. The electric issue is yet to be resolved, hoping to pay part Monday to keep the lights on. Jenny is still cold toward us and seeks to justify her actions by attacking us. Sadly she has found a few sympathetic ears in the ministry... Satan never seems to change his playbook... because it works so well.
The American teacher Sarah and her husband Adam have left having aided us in geting the school started. With all the attacks, it was like taking off on a WWII bombed out runway during a battle... but it is airborn. Now if we can just keep it that way. More prayers needed... Live life with no plan "b"...

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,
Barry Ritchie


At May 6, 2012 at 3:04 PM, Blogger Robin said...

Praying Brother! Praying earnestly for you folks and your new blessings!!!!

Also lifting up Jenny! God can work!!!


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