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Friday, February 24, 2012

Bitter Sweet

The funeral of a christian is always a bitter sweet experience But to see laughter and joy expressed between the tears is a wonderful thing. Eyes filled with sadness and tears on a face smiling with joy and hope. I have not seen laughter and joy at the funerals of those with no hope. With much of the La Cruz church sitting outside and Omar's family and friends inside, I preached. There were 7 adult hands raised wanting salvation, including 2 sisters of Omar. The church sang "When the Roll is Call up Yonder" and a half a dozen others. Our children sang another just before I preached. After, while people were coming to give condolences to Blanca, our girls sang softly in the background. As they did the extended family came in to sit and just listen... It was a a beautiful night. And our children seem to be giving even more and longer hugs now... a blessing. We will be burying him tomm and then going directy up the mountain to preach a previous commitment... and the kia is broke again...wee. And please keep a private request in prayer I will share it with those that ask...


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