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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Making pulpits..sending preachers

Just a brief update to share a few things. We had a neighbor ask to cut a branch from our big tree because he was scared it would fall on the new house he is about to build. We agreed and let him cut it. After we had family of a church member cut it up in usable pieces because it is a very expensive hard wood. The man cutting was very good with his chainsaw. Did chalk lines for guides with just old used motor oil and a string, then used the same oil in the saw. But I had to cringe watching him cut barefoot, walking the log, with the chain revved only a few inches from his feet... Look again...No blood? Great, we now have some nice wood to make a few much needed pulpits. Pastor Enemesio will likely do that in a few months after the wood dries.

Marc Antonio wants to take over preaching for Omar who passed away last month, and pastor in the mountain church of Colonia Trapechee. The problem is he needs transportation and there is no way he can afford to purchase anything. We need a preacher up there to keep several years work in tact and the church asked for him as well. So Jr and I went out today shopping prices. We returned home only to find a neighbor with a nice motorcycle used that is only 10 months old for $1000. It in great condition and the bullet holes in the gas tank... are only stickers, also comes with the helmet. We are asking the LORD to burden someone to help a mountain preacher and us since we now must pay for it? I commited to buy it (somehow) because after looking all over today, it was by far the best deal and we know the seller. It is our represenative to the govenment for our school. He bought a car... easier to haul school supplies and offered a much better price than anywhere. Like most things we do jump out of the plane first and look for a parachute on the way down... At least keep this in prayer...Thank you to all the LORD's ministering saints...


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