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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not Indestructible

It has been a hot couple of weeks for us. Our temps are starting to climb, days in the 90s and the nights losing their cooling effect. We had 90 at midnight this week. Normally not a problem but when the kia breaks down and our bedroom a/c breaks one must choose; no food or supplies for 2 weeks or no sleep for two weeks. It ended up as no sleep. Jr did managed to keep the little truck from overheating and dieing also, so food runs were made. I hit a rock with the our big kia and broke the front axle. It's not indestructable after all. After 2 weeks waiting on parts we got it welded back together. So its on the road, at least till the rest of the parts get in.

Hard to sleep when it is over 100+ degrees in the bedroom. Our room has no ventalation so the fan just moves hot air and dust around like a convection oven making sure your toasted all over. After just a few days of hot sweats, an hour or so of sleep a night spread amid 6 hours of sloshing and sauteĆ­ng back and forth in your sweat,.. your sheets and pillow case begin a look and feel of a dirty melting glazed donut...(your welcome for the visual). Thankfully both are now fixed... and sheets are washed.

Not being able to sleep Lisa was up playing with her camera to try night shots. The camera actually sees a lot more than we can if it is set right. The pictures are from the front of the Lighthouse.

Our school starts this week. Jr got the classroom wired and fans installed as well as the pavillion/church/school building wired. I am sure going to miss the donated electrical wire we had. We almost finished the church with it, but ran out on the classroom and had to buy an extra 100 feet of the local car type wiring, it was all that was avalable...$300. Yikes. The window screens and doors are in and Lisa and the girls did some late night cleaning, prepping and decorating. It is going to be an ecclectic mix, our children taught at a certain time in their classroom, adults (some in the 1st grade) taught in the church building. And pastor Augusto will also working under our umbrella in Santa Teresa with more students. Jr agreed to help Pastor Augusto teach the english classes. All of course will have the Bible institute curriculum as well.

I joked with Adam and asked what he was preaching on just before Thursday night church service. I exited before church time to deal with a situation and was delayed returning. I returned to find Adam in the midst of a sermon. Amen. He now thinks I did it on purpose. We also discovered Sarah is allergic to cashew trees just like like Lisa. Adam opened one seed to see the cashew and the toxic oil got on his hands... then later on Sarah. Kinda like the caught red handed episode in the last post... :) Newlyweds :) ...If they had been married 30 years, likely less of a problem. So a week of drugs, showers, and A/C to make it subside before school.

Sayder is learning he is not indestructible. First the tree bug, joint infection, then 2 weeks ago he tied a rope to a tree and was twisting Duman and spinning with him when the rope broke and he did a face plant on a root with Duman sitting on his head. The bloody scratched face brought fought back tears. This time he was in the mango tree as we were talking to the teacher and students signing up for classes and plop. Fell out of the tree and rolled to a stop. Jump up smiling to fight off the pain. A hour or so later his wrist was swollen and he could not move it. To the Dr to find he broke his wrist. Dr said stay out of trees. So we have photographic x-ray proof Sayder is breakable.. contrary to his popular opinion... A next door neighbor yesterday died from a fall out of a tree he was cutting, so it kind rings home with Sayder. Photo is of new building about 1/2 hour before church service. Keep us in prayer, for the attacks are endless on every front...
Unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,


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