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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

God's Glory

Tuesday we had an opportunity to do an outreach to the city/national police department. It went very well, numerous professions of faith. The local police chief wants us to return and teach it to the entire police force. He got up and almost preached a second message at the end. We only had about 80 total men or 25% of them today for near 3 hours. Several wept during the presentation. And since they gave us their lunch hour+ for the event, Lisa prepared food for them all, real spaghetti...feed the flesh AFTER the spirit.. Amen. The kids served it all to them. The pictures say much.... There was a seperate city activity in the park outside of the police headquarters so 3 TV news crews wandered in asking what was going on with the police, then 2 filmed us and interviewed our pastors and the kids I had with me. In all a great day that returned to God His Glory that was shining on us. Thank you for the prayers!! We are planing a similar outreach to the local Highschool with the new man we are working with... (maybe another pastor in the making?)

Still need praise prayers for many things. A short list. Salvations and the spiritual battle we are locked in, Funds for Ana Cristina's heart operation ($2000 promised $9000 more needed), Matching funds for a new vehicle (have $10,000 promised but we must raise the rest) Health and support, Jenny, Alba's baby is due in about a week, everything is ready and paid for as long as there are no complications. Jr is planning to wed Dec 29th it looks like. Brother Marc Antonio has opted to take on the ministry/church in Colonia as a full time pastor today rather than as an outreach, amen! They have a property now and just need to begin building a place to stay out of the weather...3 years in open air preaching under a tree. A few hundred dollars by a few people would go far up there. Maybe some of those who visited and preached in the rain up there might be simpathetic?? Tomorrow "I go a fishin"...with the boys and home made poles... Pray they let us on the nature perserve out by the shrimp farm... should be good.


At June 7, 2012 at 7:17 PM, Blogger jordan miller said...

hello ... sounds like you do some amazing things for a lot of people there! it's amazing when you have the opportunity to help so many people who are in such need, physically and spiritually ... i had the good fortune of serving a mission in brazil and it was amazing! a very big part of who i am today ... i live in ecuador now and i found your blog from a KIA forum where you had posted information about your truck ... i was hoping i could ask you a couple questions about it ... my email is jordan@dracus.com ... thank you sir, and may the lord be with you ...


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