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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cheap Cheap...

Fixed another Kia issue. The rubber intake cracked. Needed another, but could not find one without time and money. So found a cheap old drive shaft, cut, curved it and welded it to fit and reused the old ends to connect it. Presto cheap fix. No more dirt in motor. As I was doing it I thought... Propane is half the cost of diesel here... I can add a line to this and cut my fuel expenses and just add a propane tank from the stove... hmmm diesels will run on up to 80% propane diesel mix.. Just might cheap cheap. I had it on my bus in the USA.
 I was looking up to buy old balsa airplane gliders for the boys and got sticker shock. What happen to the 10 cent ones when I was a kid? Some are $7. Ouch, so do what I do best, make do and just use what we got, and taught the boys how to make cheap airplanes out of straws and foam plates and playdoe. As each finished his own I balanced them and tweaked them so they would fly. The breeze let up enough to toss them off our hill. I think with the right wind they will make it to the church below. When the boys saw they really fly, for a long time, their eyes lit up.
But got interruped by another emergency. A church member's son in Trapeche was shot and killed and they needed to move the body and pick up a casket. Saul was not saved and did not heed family or the pastor's plea just a week ago. We went by the funeral place and got the $100 casket(paneling) they purchased. When we arrived to the body , the casket was a wee short. They shoved him into it anyway. Mark Antonio is staying the night and will do the funeral in the morning. There was also a Pepsi truck security guard shot there Wednesday and the driver robbed and cut up bad with a machete. Something seems wastefully cheap about loosing ones life guarding pepsi. But then any time life is cut short it's wasteful.


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