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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Building Bridges

Brother Deem is here from Directline Ministries visiting with a few pastors. Good visit so far, been hot and muggy but the Kia has been running. Found an oil leak, the rear main seal. Just no time to fix it now. Must wait for 2 weeks till teams are done here. Pastor Thomas preached up on the mountain Wednesday and a young girl came forward. Brother Terry preached today at the military and another good response. We shared about how one of the visiting pastors had been here 30 years ago in the US military fighting against one of our national pastors as an enemy in a war, with the scars to prove it. But how the peace of God changed both men and they are now on the same side, brothers in Christ, pastors and preaching the Gospel. Building bridges; spiritually, physically and mentally. We are currently putting up a arched bridge walkway between our classrooms. And one of the visitors is a special-ed teacher showing our teachers how to bridge the gap for some of our kids that are not up to their potential due to years of neglect and abuse. Jr. and our home pastor’s brother in law John got some wiring done as well as finishing up on some playground equipment for the kids made from the old Kia axle. A merry go round and a helicopter. Busy about our Fathers busness, building bridges. Amen.  Lisa is stateside right now for a medical check and visit family.


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Praying for all Br.


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