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Sunday, June 16, 2013

...that they which see not might see...

  Long few days and the team from Truth for Today Medical Missions has already taken a beating. But the harvest has been bountiful. Several hundred
adults fitted with glasses and almost 150 have made decisions for Christ with 3 more days yet to go. Yesterday was great on the mountain top. The church had sent out the Bible institute students in the weeks previous to personally invite good candidates to the outreach. Those to who had shown a softness to the gospel and were in need of sight physically and spiritually. It proved to be a profitable idea. They gathered them before we arrived and began preaching. After our difficult ride up, towing our second truck up the really bad parts of the road and having the team walk up, they arrived hot, tired and sweaty to the core jumping right to work.. no rest for the weary as the crowds grew. But the crowd began to flow. Each station of care gave the soul winners time for one on one opportunity. Amazingly all patients were seen. Several local politicians in the area also came and made decisions for Christ. And an added bonus for dad. Jr is always quiping about how he gets the little 2wd micro truck that is bandaided together all the places I get the big kia... till today, and I had to tow him up... priceless...


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