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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No resting during a rescue...

Long day many more salvations and many fitted with glasses. Our bible institute students and preachers have been one on one with every patient offering spiritual sight while doctors offered it physically and spiritually when they could. Aprox 196 mostly older adults, put their trust in the LORD so far this week. One more day and lots of follow up to do.
 We did have one man get very mad and refuse glasses when he learned Mary does not save... But one out of hundreds... not bad. And many huge smiles on those who could not see but now can. Amen...
One of our church ladies eyes in the mountain are much worse than mine. So there were no glasses for her. Her original glasses were the worse shape I have ever seen, wired together from several pairs and electric wiring holding the lenses in and ear pieces on. Jr took them apart and scoured the boxes to find the closest frames to match her lenses. The modified the lenses and frames to be mated... She was quite happy.
 One 54 year old said on Friday "all my life I have heard of the love of Jesus, today for the first time I have SEEN the love of Jesus". That is what it is all about.
 One young lady was wearing a shirt written in english that said "Who Cares" as a rebellious remark, but did not know what it said. It caught the eye of one of the americans who said "I do" and took it upon himself to lead her to the Lord with one of our national pastors.
 Lots of good stories, lots of souls led to the living waters, lots of follow up work to do. Our energy is drained, several are sick, and the bank is beyond drained after nearly 3 weeks of daily difficult mountain climbs, tires are bald. Yet our day does not end only condenses. After dropping off groups to rest in a hotel, we return to repair vehicles, and care for our house full of children and all the other issues of life on hold during the day. As well as getting our pastors helping back in their mountain homes elsewhere each night.  When offered to go out as a treat after the group leaves all our kids and helpers said they just want to be left alone to sleep for 2 days. As a 2:30 am blog post might indicate, been draining but good. There will be a day of rest one day but our lives here are not made for rest...Though He does give His beloved sleep...so cannot argue with that request...Amen.


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