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Saturday, May 4, 2013

His mercy is new in the morning...

We had a Honduras Missions preachers meeting Saturday for both the ones that are and the ones that might want to be. It was a good event. Great preaching and interaction and I sacrificed my Spanish preaching library yet again to get good material in the hands of hungry readers. Better in their hearts and minds than on my shelf. Lisa prepared everything the night before because it was our first breakfast meeting in an attempt to allow our mountain preachers to return on the last midday bus. Rushed them back to town and stopped the bus as it was pulling out, just in time. Pastor Augusto’s wife brought Ruth. The preemie baby we placed with them months ago. She is thriving and has become (we hope) a permanent part of their family. Our Nicaraguan pastor returned from his medical trip to Nicaragua just to attend the meeting. He is already doing much better, but has a lot of issues and will return in a few weeks for more testing. As the LORD does things, the preacher was able to get care at a Baptist owned health care facility 3 hours into Nicaragua. When they found out he was a baptist preacher they gave him all the free meds he needed… Amen. 


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