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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Setting sail...

Lisa is back. Was a little touch and go whether I was going to be able to pick her up because the kia was broken, bad alte
rnator. We have been using it that way just charging batteries nightly, but the distance to the airport is much longer. I tested if the small generator we had would run our battery charger and let it run in the bed. I knew some money was coming but our bank was in the negative and I needed the small amount of money in my pocket just for fuel to get Lisa. But went to the electral mechanic anyway in far reaching hope it would be simple. Of course not, the alternator was burned up inside. While at the mechanics I got a call from a honduran man wanting to help us. He came by and gave enough to pay for a new alternator and the trip to pick up Lisa. If the LORD tells 2 sailors to make a trip, and one goes to the dock and says when the LORD sends the wind I will raise the sail and go. The other goes into the boat raises the sail and pushes away from the dock expecting the LORD to send the needed wind. Of the two, which one has faith? One is a worker only doing the minimum of what he is told, the other is a son, trying to please and do his fathers will.
Went to preach in the military yesterday. Picked up our pastor and 2 Bible students along with 2 of our kids and headed out...and broke down on the military base. Shifter fell apart. Thankfully, we arrived a few minutes early so I called Jr in hopes he could fix it during service, but there was no need. Instead I saw it was a shift cable loose but in a small area to get to under the cab. Patricia wanted to help and took a work knife pulled the shifter apart as I guided her and reinstalled the clips that had fallen loose. A few minutes later the kids were singing a special infront of the military. Feeling kinda giddy about things, I was sitting just outside the door and watched two military men bring glasses and a cold pitcher of water more than a 1/2 mile to our bible students preaching and us then sat to listen. It reminded me of David's mighty men. Wasn't sure for a moment if I should drink it or pour it out.. But in truth they were not David's men and um.. It was hot out.... After droping everyone off, we ran around making ready for the Dr visit in a week. Have a national Dr, Eye Dr, and a Dentist offering their time as well. Amen. As I returned home it was easy to tell Lisa was back as the smell eminating from kitchen as I open the door of the kia...
Just prior to Lisa's return I took the kids to the river to let off steam. While there I was able to talk about the LORD to some boys hanging around the Kia.
Last night Lisa unpacked her bags and had a few special gifts. She had visited a pearl place where you pick your oyster and extract your treasured pearl. She got one for Alba and Lourdes. They come with a kit to make them into a necklace. As she explained the girls were the real pearls of great price and had the girls read the scriptures, there were tears flowing all around. A treasured moment, amen.
Been all day trying to load 3 small pictures for this post...Finally.. Only 2 days loading pics...And yes sometimes there are typos but the effort required to post often outweighs the need to correct...


At August 8, 2013 at 5:54 PM, Blogger Corinna Downs said...

Im so glad to see her happy!!


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