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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Special Praise

Our first regular service without a special event in the San Geranimo church building. And it was a blessing.
 What might be the correct response to a mentally handycapped teen girl sitting alone in the front, who begins clapping away in a song service?...1-Hush her and try to make her stop. 2-Ignore her 3- Clap with her... I thought it was sweet watching all the adults this morning just automatically clap with her and change to her mellody...... Out of the mouth of babes thou has perfected praise. She would have went to the Kids class but opted to stay with adults.. And listened well. And it just so happened we opened the service with Psalms 66:1-2 ...If you ask her she says she is 5, she might be right mentally but I wonder why she says that, her real age is about 14. Truth be told the she might have been better intune than one of our more seasoned adults who always sings loud and just a little faster or slower than everyone else... But that is a different story...:) Amen! Going to Eyes of Water tomorrow to sign papers on property. The power steering went out of the kia today. Rack bad dumping a quart of fluid in about 10 minutes, and when you hit a pothole it rips the steering wheel out of your hands if your are not holding tight. Need to rebuild the rack again. Took numerous trys last time to get the seals not to leak. Leaving it at a machine shop tomorrow and getting a ride to Eyes of Water. Do not want to postpone it again. Amen. Also have yet another "official inspection" of the Children's Lighthouse by state authorities on Tuesday, and we have to go pick them up...If the kia is not done, maybe on motorcycles and one is a larger lady... oh joy. :)


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