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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Joy in tears...

Honduran funeral: Went and picked up food for the church to cook for the funeral(people there all day). As I drove back in they said they want you to preach. Uh ok. Open my bible to find a passage and get stopped... they want you to preach now. uh ok. Share what the LORD gives about the difference between the death of God's children and those who are not. Hope. I used the testimony of the pastor also how the early church grew because of the death of the saints. True christians meet death differently. There is joy in our tears. We read Psalms 116 and 1 Cor 15:53-58 and Phil 1:23 I had made an offer of salvation and saw hearts moving but then turned it over to the pastor, the father of Rixi. He was deep in prayer and a little unexpecting but jumped up and finished the preaching. 12 adults came forward for salvation... Amen. Keep in mind, A Honduran funeral most often it is the family that does everything. Preps the body, digs the hole, cooks the food...and in this case preaches his own daughter's funeral with a salvation message of hope...The picture our girls tookwas her younger sister leaning on the casket. There will be 4 times of preaching and she will be buried in the morning after we move her from the house to the church then to the cemetary... Not sure if the kia will be a bus or a hearse today..


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