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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another Long but good day...

Another long but good night. Power went out in the morning. Power company replacinging burned poles with concrete ones a few miles down the road. Makes for a hot sweaty time in the house. Left at noon to pick up preachers and other helpers and head to the mountain. On the way up saw two mormon door knockers hitchhiking. Longway out for them, they were actually going to where we have an outreach. We insisted they get in the cab where the preachers were... talked a bit and they... wanted out a few minutes later... think is it time for certain teaching in this village. Continued to the church and found it filling up already. Hook up lights and found the generator not wanting to start... too much oil in the carb. Jr cleaned it up and got it running. A time of fellowship then preaching followed by an evangelistic movie. Our preacher saw an abundance of teens so altered his message slightly. The alabaster box. 6 teen girls came forward for salvation... Amen! Head home drop everyone off pick up some latenight roadside food and see messages finally come in that Lisa had texted. She was home all day with the younger children. Power had been off all day, came on at 6pm for 10 minutes then a loud pow and off again. This time with a live high power line down across our property lighting fires all over. Her and the kids put them out. We are just getting home at 11:00pm after topping off the generator for fans ect. I saw the power company truck in front of me looking for problems with a spotlight. I stopped him and asked him to follow me. As we turned around we saw the mountain on fire on the high side not visable from the house. Sent the boys to put it out. The men from the power company climbed our poles cut the downed lines, moved our line to the soon to be energy side... Near midnight enter the house to have the lights come on a moment later... Amen! But will be without power today I am sure as they fix the rest...But slept with fans ect...Near 100 today and not cooling at nights now. The ironic thing is we had to postpone the meeting monday to sign on the donated property with the judge in Eye of Water because we did not have enough funds for fuel for both events, Monday and Tuesday, nor for the appointed time to shop for food for the Lighthouse. The LORD constraineth us. So made a choice and did what we could...Always making choices here. Welcome to Honduras... weee


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