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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Holy Week tropical

It has been an interesting week so far and more to come I am sure. Had two aniversary services in two churches in the mountains. One in the day time another at night a few days later under a red moon. Rush to fix kia leaks before Sunday. Begin blocking up the septic system in a church on Monday. Then Tuesday the preacher schedualed did not make it and the pastor was feeling ill so at the very last moment the third string batter was up,.. me. After the long drive up, they wanted to feed us. It is proper to accept when they are all waiting on you with food that is hot... considering the ladies carried coolers a couple of miles on their heads to feed you. As if that was not discomforting enough, what makes it real uncomfortable is,... only we eat. Everyone else just sits around us and watches us eat... Hungry people and children looking in the doorways and windows as well as those already gathering in the church, all watching us eat. We are the only entertainment at this point in a place without electric and all eyes are tuned into the local channel. When done we move to the new building. I saw we had a few visitors from other denominations and was led to a message. Why am I a baptist? The plan was preach, then a movie, then cut the huge cake Lisa made...  after eating around 5pm the kids helped set up lights off the kia inverter (no electric for miles here) and prepared for the movie, then song service with numerous specials and testimonies, then preach/teach. We are the only light on the mountain top. I would talk a while and ask shall I continue or start the movie? The reply was always continue and the response was good. By 10pm it was decided not to show a movie, they would have continued... but I told them I was done and to cut the cake... (Real reason? It has now been 8+ hours and no real bathroom and still 2 more hours to get to one.) Good thing there was no second floor and I was younger. Most had a long red moon night walk home... and ours was a long drive. The odd thing is I pulled a muscle in my leg preaching. As if I was like Billy Sunday or something... But all I was doing was returning to my seat... I am no longer getting old, I have arrived and staked out a claim. Hard to shift gears because of leg on ride home. Arrive home slide out of kia and legs dont work like I want, plop down I went. Grab a chair and use it as a walker and make my rounds then bed...Yeah I have full title to land in Oldsville.  I am just an old polar bear living in the tropics...Welcome to Honduras... during Holy week... Still more to come by Sunday. A sunrise service in one church and an evangelistic outreach at night in another...


At April 16, 2014 at 6:27 PM, Blogger nancy carlson said...

Praise the Lord for the 3rd string. And hungry people - not so much physically as spiritually. May God's Word not return void.

And share the deed to Oldsville, huh? My shoulder is getting old. Got to have some physical therapy. Nasty painful stuff, that.

May God continue to bless you and your family - and the Kia!


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