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Sunday, December 28, 2014


Merry Christmas to all our ministering saints and thank you. The Lighthouse Baptist Church took their drama on the road. IE take 35 teens up a goat path in the mountains to sing, do a play and hand out gifts to those even more needy than themselves. Did not go quite as planned. Most of it went great. The drama, singing, church service, gifts went great. But the mountain won the battle with the new kia. Ended up with a broken differental, 2 bent wheels and a blown tire and almost rolling it loaded with kids. A tire does not blow on a nice smooth level place. The LORD protected and it was just stuff damaged.  Spent the 2 days after Christmas taking apart the differental, welding it and replacing broken bolts, straightening wheels (can'

t buy replacements) and getting a new tire. But it is back on the road.

Been tight on finances so we did not do much for our kids, but it was still nice. A few simple gifts, Lisa had them decorate gingercake men and family time. Even had an older kid(now an adult) no longer living with us come and spend Christmas with us. The older ones are used to the pattern of sacrificing for others, the newest ones are still learning.

More blessings... 
Have in hand a personal invitation from the gov of Nicaragua to go and evangelize 1000 solders plus the public where they are stationed... we are going in Feb...Looking for help with expenses. Taking some of our pastors. Will be meeting up with Truth for Today Medical Missions whom we have worked with here in Honduras with great results. Think about the politics in this, The military and gov of a communist country inviting preachers (some American, some Honduran some from Nicaragua) to come in and soul win ...God works in mysterious ways...

A total of 30,000 tracts were handed out in the streets of Tegu in the month of December through our minstry. Each one placed in a hand. Many also witnessed to. And the youth of a church canvased downtown Choluteca handing out a few thousand more.


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