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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Win a few...

I always enjoy leaving out in the morning seeing the sheep laying in our field..The monkey bite is healing, and the Lord has allowed a few other battles to be won. We did have the multi church baptismal service and 6 of our churches represented and 375 folks  were able to attend with 5 of churches baptizing a total of 19 believers. Amen. That is a an expensive burden to get that many people off the mountains but was well worth it and created a lot of unity. Lisa fed them, preaching filled them and a couple of men dunked them and buses moved them. In all a great day in the Lord.
Also had a call about an available property to plant a church on. It is next to the site we did the medical outreach on. The man who allowed us to use his home for a pharmacy is selling the property  across the path. Great site, has water and electic to it. We had an offer to help purchase it and with what the mission has we only need 1000 dollars to purchase it. Waiting on the Lord. To soon to share all but looks like we will have a wedding of our first lighthouse child... details to follow later. Amen!
Just spent the afternoon with the youth from La Cruz baptist as they did a children's outreach in a newer barrio across town. It is a good place to begin a work. Over 1000 home less than 5 min walk...


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