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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Dream Becomes Reality

Construction of the Children’s Lighthouse has begun! AAmen!
Not sure how the LORD will complete all that is before us. Just living by faith, but the LORD is faithful. We’ve seen the need and started to work. A rescuer that is witness to an emergency does not hesitate or wait for someone else to do this or that… He uses what he has to do what he can to save a life. As it is with much of the ministry here, do what you can with what you got….. but do something!

As of today we had $150 in the USA missions account; The LORD has done more with less… Many mouths to feed, regular bills to pay, Christian School begins in a month for a dozen children or more, uniforms, supplies ect; and there is a machine on the property leveling the land for the Children’s Lighthouse that costs $40 per hour to hire, it’s working so hard it has ruptured 2 hoses from the strain of pulling rocks. The money for it’s labor will be due when done. There are three men building the Whensawe Distribution Center on the property. Two men are putting in a second culvert/driveway to allow larger vehicles (delivering blocks ect) to enter the property. Am I worried? No, it belongs to the LORD and He is in control. A few people have contacted us to help in different ways, I am sure others will as well, so we just wait on the LORD to work in hearts and provide as needed. If the LORD says jump from the plane without a parachute you should jump. (Just be sure it is the LORD saying it) Hebrews 11 is filled with those willing. The Lighthouse project needs 6-7000 blocks so a visit the local concrete company that is owned by a Canadian was in order. The owner was in and we talked for over an hour. A lot of similar stories, one of his biggest irritations is people lying to him and shared those stories too. As the children were returning from the bathroom I told him to ask one of them what is the big rule in our home… He did and the reply was unanimous…“No lying”. He smiled, then bought the children with me pepsi and chips and said he would work up something. Pray he donates them or at least gives us a very good price. We cannot keep the machine on the property one hour beyond what is necessary for leveling, but there is much other work to be done. Roads, paths, septic, clearing, other church projects in other areas ect, so the need for an old backhoe is still very high. On top of this there is still a great need to find a way to build a church building for La Cruz Baptist Church now that it has land. If anyone is even remotely interested in helping in any of the LORD’s projects please visit ways you can help link to the right. It has been updated. Or click here Biblical Missions. Feel free to contact us as well; all information is at the bottom of the Biblical Missions link.

Thank you all your prayers are being heard! AMEN!

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie


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