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Friday, January 11, 2008

Forget to Pray or Praying alot?

I think either someone forgot to pray for us or someone was praying a lot... or both? What can happen in a day in Honduras. Wednesday began by taking building material to the men constructing the Whensawe bodega. Starting other men digging a septic system…ok first I needed to teach them what it was.
On another front the church folks volunteering back in Choluteca. Barry Jr was working with them for the 3rd day and they have cleaned the property very well, lots of hard, hot difficult cleaning and more than 50 people helped. It is starting to look nice.

A crate of clothing and toys came in donated and shipped from Central Baptist in NH. Amen. The Lighthouse Children got toys, shoes and clothes from it and Wednesday after church we shared it with the church. Lots of smiles and thanks to the LORD.

I was talking with the men with the backhoes on what to do next. Widening the entrance and making a road to enter the property. In the morning I thought easy day plenty of time to study for my message so I left early to check on all these things….be back by 8-815am… but only made it back just before 7pm service… Shuttling tools and materials needed, checking on folks in both areas; thought the backhoes would be done and told them to swing by the church to level it on there return trip to Choluteca. Returned to Choluteca and told the church about it, it is now 2 o’clock. The family wants to see what has been done so everyone loads in to go see, ours, Omar, s and Carlos’ family too, all 20, get in to go see, take a few pictures and allow the children to run around a bit. Everyone enjoyed it. Pack them up to finally go prepare for church and a 10 wheel dump truck arrives with compacting material for the entrance. Everyone watches as it goes up the mountain, lifts the bed, loses brakes and over the side of the embankment he went. A huge rock crushed the oil pan and stopped the engine and diesel fuel leaked everywhere. The equipment has taken a beating. The owner of it has about $10,000 in damages. All I thought was the children were playing in that area and could have been killed…Thank you LORD for protection. At the prayer meeting praise was given. 110 came for Wednesday night prayer, lots of husbands and 8 first time visitors. That is 110 meeting in a tent on a field in hot weather with 2 lightbulbs and thick with bugs. Unannounced to the church, Lisa set out the donated clothes and after had folks go through them limiting it to 5 items each…Everyone found something Amen. Before church a member makes a request for food for a funeral of an aunt and needs a ride across town. It is now 10pm and Ermita does a scheduled dental exam on all the kids. Most need work done in the office, including Lisa. Finally 11pm time for supper, prayer and bed…Sitting in church, the children jockeying for time on papi’s knee, hearing a joyful noise unto the LORD from 110 smiling souls makes you forget it is work…AAmen. Last week there was a big mountain looming in the way, I had little to work with but jumped out of the plane and said yes to the equipment at the property, thanks to the LORD and his ministering Saints this week the “big” site work is done and…the bills will be paid today, but many more are looming for next weeks long list…One day at a time. AAmen! Thursday the family needed some down time so I finished what I needed to do keep the men working and by 10:00 loaded the family up and went to the ocean for devoted family time. 99 degrees and a perfect blue sky. It is amazing how fun a Tonka truck and a 5 gal. bucket are on a beach with no one but us.

With all that has happened this year it is easy to see the hand of the LORD moving people and events. The only concern in this is that La Cruz Baptist church keeps it focus. They have helped us build a church in the mountains, continually help others, now begin building an orphanage out of the city. Yet they are still without an out of the weather place to meet… My desire is to see them stable, in a building, having more services… Just waiting on the LORD. AAmen.
unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour


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