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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

UPDATE Busy Busy Busy.
Lots of good news, La Cruz Baptist Church held their first service on the new property. A baptismal service. But to do that a way to baptize them had to be made. One of the men coming to church (Carlos) volunteered to build it, if we could get the things needed. Carlos did a wonderful job. And 7 people were baptized, 6 adults and Iris. In the first days returning to our home Iris asked if she could still be baptized. I asked her why and she had all the right reasons, even after being gone for so long. Amen! She was to be baptized the day following that she ended up back with the authorities 11 months ago, Heartbreaking then but.... What a glorious way to first use the new church property. Now all we need to do is find $5-8000 to build a church building….Amen.

The Children’s Lighthouse property is taking shape, The first retention wall is up, pouring concrete for the septic tank(s). The Whensawe bogeda should be functional in 2-3 weeks. So much yet to do, and so little time, strength, and funds to do it all. Only in the LORD though his ministering saints will it all happen.

Lisa registered 12 Children for School this year, then took them out for the first of school supplies, shirts, shoes, bags ect. Still need to make uniforms from school fabric, buy books and so on. Schooling is one of the largest expenses. Daisy and Blanca tickled Lisa when they asked "What kid of bookbag would Sasha pick?" Lisa said she would get something durable not fashonable..like a military bag...So they did. Sasha's testamony lingers.. amen.
Infha is permiting something new with Alba. Because of her age she is no longer “required” to be schooled, though we do not want to stop her education at a 5-6 grade level. So one of the teachers in the church will be teaching her privately here. 3 hours a day. It is our first step toward establishing our own school for all the children. When the Lighthouse has 30+ children, the law here says we must provide them a school as well…Gotta start somewhere. Amen and Amen

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie


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