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Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Week of Progress

The LORD has blessed and progress keeps going forward. The rock walls needed for ground retention are almost up. It is needed so we can compact the soil for the foundation, it is a bonus that it looks nice too. The septic tank and leech field are dug and leveled. When Jenny saw it she was excited…she though it was a pool for the children, till we said it was a septic…her reply. “what’s that” and the thrill faded from her face as it was explained. For me it was exciting to see water for the first time up to the building sight. The photo caught it as it touched the ground for the first time. That makes construction much easier. Though I already know we will need to drill a well to have enough clean water to care for all the children when there. It will be an unforeseen extra cost of $3-5000. Much work to yet be done before building can begin(septic lines, site drainage, compacting the soil, digging foundation footers ect). Part of the old house was taken down to allow the bodega to continue, it should be done in a month or so.

The meeting that was required for the court psychologist and Infha social workers to interview and see the progress of the children, went well. We chose to take them to the new property and see the children there. They see no better place for the children to be. Amen.

I was invited by Pastor Santos to preach in Lenaca Saturday for his birthday. I was getting very sick and it is a brutal drive up. The service was wonderful, 8 men on homemade instruments like a Chello and a violin with a twig and horse tail bow(which broke at the end). 125+ folks. I was ok till I stood up…Then preaching was difficult, over 100 degrees, drenched in sweat, needing a bathroom that was over 2 hours away. Even so one person came forward to rededicate their lives to the LORD and several gave testimony of life before and after salvation through the ministry of Ven a Mi Baptist It was a great time had I been well enough to enjoy it. Rushed down the mountain for a very rough night. At this writing still a 102 fever but feeling better meds are beginning to work. No time for downtime right now too much to do. Thank you for all your prayers.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,



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