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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Praying for a dull moment?... naaw

Still moving along in spite of everything being throw at us. The corn we thought was getting a free ride to Honduras has turned into a nightmare. In customs now for near 3 weeks.($50 per day storage) They insisted we needed a new license to import it(ie more $$), then insisted it be fumigated(ie more $$) to fumigate and inspect it by the health department it must be moved(ie more $$). We got so fed up we asked if they would allow us to throw the corn away. Sure, now thy say is has bugs and only they can dispose of it… for $12,000 dollars! Our lawyer says it is because of the new government/president needs money to pay for all the new programs/project and the fact we are tax exempt so they look for other ways to make money…

The school asked if they could have a class at the Children’s Lighthouse property. Some how that changed and we got volunteered into a whole day with the whole school and feed them too. I think it was our kids “helping” in the communication department…Lisa is still down, so it was me and the kids. Alba cooked for all 100+. But we needed water up there. The Kia was in the capital getting transmission work so all we had was the datsun, a 1200cc motor datsun. It has been hauling the water daily to the property but does not have enough power to get up the hill with 1800lbs of water for the special school day. So we hooked the 4 wheeler to it as well Alba driving the 4 wheeler and me driving the datsun, almost made it; Till Nancy got her leg smashed between the 4 wheeler and the tank. Only bruised up and hurting but a for a few moments we thought she broke it. (The old ford van has a broken bell housing so it is out of commission.) We winched it the last 100 feet. The children all arrived and I shuttled them up on the train trailers and the 4wheeler. The day with all the school kids went well, no real issues and it was a blessing. Actually gave a glimpse of what the Lighthouse would be like full. They had classes in the woods, on the wall ect. Last was a competition in all the grades for the best nature drawing, so the children climbed all over looking for the “best view”. After we served up lunch. You could tell many live in a hungry state all the time. They liked the 10 gallons of hearty soup Alba made. I would do it all the time if we had a steady supply of food and support. Lisa has imparted quite a bit already to the girls. Late in the day the kia makes it back from the dealer, same time, more bad news on the container. I had to run to town to make calls and return. As I pulled in the kids all jumped up and knocked over the one cabinet we have; ensuing a late night rush to the doctor to have stitches put in Julies head. Wee.

Wednesday’s Church service I surprised Carlos and the church. I taught about how the Apostles appointed elders in the churches and the qualifications. Then I asked who here meets these qualifications? The whole church pointed to Carlos. I then asked who would want such a man as their pastor, again every hand raised. Carlos was about in tears. It was a good night. Amen.With all the headaches, heartaches, and hardships, we deal with almost daily here they all fade away in an instant when the Holy Spirit is at work. As I was sitting in the lone chair in the Living room talking to the LORD this morning, Patricia awoke and came and sat on my lap to give me a hug.(she is the one I nicknamed “mine” and we are seeking to adopt officially) The boys were next to me still asleep we talked and prayed a while. I then asked jokingly, “Which is more important, that I am yours or you are mine?” She quickly returned “its more important that you’re my papi!” That spoke volumes to my heart. The LORD knows just how and when to give a cool drink of water to the soul. Amen!
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,
Barry Ritchie


At April 27, 2009 at 12:54 PM, Blogger Susanna Tietz said...

Seems like things never slow down over there! Praise God that He is still working through it all! You're all in our thoughts and prayers! Give those kids a hug for me! Miss you all, Lord-willing we'll talk to you again soon!

God bless,
Love and prayers....


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