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Friday, August 5, 2011

Borrowed shoes, Leaf pompoms and singing in the shower Honduras style

A few weeks ago,Toño had a request for his birthday that was too simple to say no to. He wanted to play soccer when the school went to play another school. Today was the game day. Lisa mailed shorts and shirts from the states and today was a good day to use them.($200 for just 2 boxes) Loaded all the kids up this morning and went to a field near another school. The teams were not trained or organized like you see in the USA. Nor did they have equipment. For that matter no one even had a ball and went looking for one to borrow. Several of the boys borrowed our girls shoes and many played without shoes. Our girls cheered from the sidelines waving pompoms made for leaves on the edge of the field. Ended in a loss 1-0. Everyone was hot sweaty, so we went out for ice cream and some cool down time in the river. Put the kia in 4wd and drove down the river criss crossing the shallows till we found just the spot. Jenny gets out and lays down in the shallow rippling water then begins to sing at the top of her lungs. Water flowing over her head as she belts out amazing grace for about 10 minutes. The boys found a deep section next to a high bank and began jumping off higher and higher till a brave one jumped off the top in a full run; It was about 15 feet high then not to be out done they talk each other into doing flips. It was all fun to watch. I jumped in once and hit the bottom hard and went back to watching...It was more my speed. I made a video but only had my phone so it turned out poorly. You could hear Jenny all the way down the river but the phone just heard the water over the rocks.

Thursday in the new Lighthouse outreach I preached a very strong message about salvation. It would be tough meat even in US churches but all took it well. Several more folks made professions of faith. Amen! A hint Verses use: 1 Cor 2:14, Eph 2:1-4, Jn 2:23-24, Tit 1:16, James 2:19, Heb 10:29

Lisa is in the states still for cancer testing and treatment. The Doctor gave bad news and wants to keep her a month for treatment. She is also getting work on her teeth thanks to ministering saints. Ministering Saints have made her visit and medical care possible, but it is still a major strain on finances. She should be back here around the end of the month.
A container should arrive in about 2 weeks with donated food as well. What do you do when you have your kids boil up 10 lbs of spaghetti only to find you have no sauce for it. Take some of the milk you were making cheese and butter with thrown in the loudest rooster with a few veggies and presto… don’t know what it is but it tastes good.

We have committed to the government in starting a school and need to begin preparing classes and equipment now for the next school year; not sure where to find the several thousand needed. We need to wall up the classes, get furnishings, equipment to play the curriculum. There are numerous other projects also in need of funds. Just one example; would like to build a chapel on the Lighthouse property. We already have issues with space and this would be a great boost in getting the church on solid footing. It would cost about $8000 for a complete building, made with sun dried bricks fired like in the days of Moses and Daniel.


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