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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another week closer to a day of rest with the LORD.

Had issues all week but none were insur- mountable.
Last Sunday's service was interesting. About ¾ through the rains and wind came in hard. Our boys manned the corner ropes of the tent, trying to hold it down and drain the water. I strapped the center pole to a chair and sat in it to hold it down. Sometimes weight has advantages but not often. After a few strong gusts and worried faces, we had the congregation stand incase they needed to run. Got though the message, but everyone and everything got wet, and the big fan is now broken. Electric power goes out at the end of service so we go into the night hot and sweaty. Our overworked power inverter that we use on the kia truck to run a few lights and fans in emergencies smokes then dies. Monday morning I begin to worry because all the market food we bought Saturday is now thawed. Get a generator up and running, go buy $5 per gal gas to make it run and hour or so to freeze down food. Monday night power comes back on. We loose power Wednesday for a few hours. Jr has pulled apart the disposable power inverter and looks for a rectifier bridge to make it work, it doesn’t work. Wish we had a real diesel back up gen set. Saw a real nice one at an auction.

Thursday morning deliver 35 sixty lb bags of food and supplies to churches. Late Thursday afternoon get a call for the visa lawyer saying our temp papers will expire Sunday and they must be restamped or we get another fine. Ok do it Friday. Thursday night rush out to p/u the girls from school before having to set up for church and the lower control arm of the Kia broke in the middle of the Lighthouse property road. Thankfully, it was not a moment later on the highway or the truck easily could have flipped over. Call a church member to p/u the kids, then set up for night church service. It was another service in a hard rain. I had planned to show a teaching video. Everything was set and every one was present and packed into our hot little space when flash- pow a lightning strike and sparks flew from the fan and dvd machine. Hmm run to get the other dvd machine and sing a few songs in the process. Watch the video sweltering and swatting mosquitoes. The next morning power goes out and Jr hops a bus in hopes we can get kia parts and the immigration papers done. He finds the parts and gets them bussed down for Saturday at noon. Immigration also is understanding…for a price. It was only 2x what we were expecting to pay but half of what he was going to charge. So we got a deal…(I think) and our temp papers are good for a short time more while we wait on the government to approve the more permanent ones. Jr hops another bus Sat and returns to install the parts in the rain. He finishes just as the power came back on. Now keep in mind we have 21 kids that also need to be fed, and cared for that cant just be turned off till we fix this or that. Carlos preached today at the Lighthouse service to a good crowd of folks with a great interactive message. Afterward he shared a great testimony. A brother of a church member whom we have tried to reach for several years trusted the Lord. He came to Carlos yesterday to explain that he is closing his 3rd generation family liquor manufacturing business that he owns, and has made his family wealthy, because he wants to serve the Lord. Amen! That’s a big fruit I would say. How many wont even give up a petty little sin after they make a profession.

Lisa is still stateside and has begun her cancer treatment in Illinois. She says it makes her sick after just the first treatment. She also flew to NH and had dental work done provided by a Christian dentist. Ministering saints have helped in moving and caring for her while stateside and the Cancer Dr is also provide free and reduced services that ministering saints are helping with. Even so, it has all been a strain in every way so keep us in prayer.

I have a simple out of the box request. I would like to take the kids fishing and teach them. But we have no fishing supplies. If a few would be willing to send a few fishing supply things on the Christmas shoebox container it would be a blessing.
unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,
Barry Ritchie


At August 14, 2011 at 10:31 PM, Blogger Robin said...

Thank you again for the update!! I love reading them!! I am praying for you folks. I think I shall start reading every blog post to my kids. They love hearing about you guys, but I think listening to the actual post will make a difference!!

Lots of Love and prayers sent to you!!!

RObin Reynolds

At August 16, 2011 at 1:13 AM, OpenID lovehisname said...

You have been in constant prayer brother!


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