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Monday, November 28, 2011

Praise, Plea and a Giggle

An Amen praise and another great need. We finally have legal electric. Our electric service has been a major problem since the beginning of our Children’s Lighthouse construction. Those who have helped, understand some. Today I had a good meeting with the electric boss. I felt like a kid going to the principle’s office, I was worried what they would do because of how long we have had unmetered service. The Holy Spirit prompted me to make a timeline last night of the progress of the project and the time of electric ect. When we began talking he wanted $8400 dollars today or cut service. I showed him what the project was (home for sexually abused children) and the time line and what I felt we used and how it was all installed. He opted to not require us to put the meter by the highway as was originally on their plans (big savings we have not had the funds to do) and without argument he accepted the numbers and dates I had. It amounts to $2600 at their rates. When I told him about Lisa, he gave me till Feb to pay. So now we must come up with $2600 quickly and start paying another electric bill (part of the property has been metered all along). He then gave me the paperwork to buy a meter and start our monthly service. Picked it all up and Jr installed it this afternoon. But it is a relief to know we are now legal and it wont be shut off for now as long as we pay by Feb.
Cindy’s throat operation is Wednesday at 7am. Thanks to ministering saints. Amen! Lisa wants to do a few girl things and take her dainty shopping before hand and get her some regular pajamas ect.
Another big huddle is start up of the school. Not sure how to get it done. We still need a certified national teacher at a cost of about $350 per month (our school year will be 12 months long without a break). We have several teachers in our churches that could/would do it here, but it would require them giving up their primary income to do so. On top of this, I need to finish the classrooms and set it up per the commit- ment I made to the government officials…

A big praise!! Korina came to me after church Sunday and said she needed to talk to me looking troubled. Uh oh. She then slowly said She did not want me to tell anyone, Uh ok… Then she sat on my knee, began to tear up and said Papi I want Jesus to save me, I want to live for him and not like the world.. Wow was not expecting that. We talked a bit and she prayed on her own. You could see a burden lifted in her face. After I shared how we are not to be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that she should tell someone. She told Lisa and Jenny who both gave hugs…Amen! Jenny asked friday to do a family devotions with the girls to share a book I gave her…Amen!

Need a few small miracles and lots of prayer.

Now something funny... Dunkin Donuts is just not the same here. Jr brought back a rare and expensive treat from the capital last week when he took a public school class to the science museum, it was 2 dozen Dunkin Donuts. (photo- the chapperone is laying on a bed of nails) Lisa bit into a donut with what could only be described as a maybe a beet and ketchup filled sugar coated donut... What does she do? Warn us? Nooo she goes with a smile, "Try this a tell me what flavor this is"... As each one tries it and violently spits it out anywhere there is an open space, she moves to the next unsuspecting victim and gets the same reaction... Then calls the skinny hungry dogs to clean the mess... and the dogs do the same thing, spit it out. The other kids that were handed the same flavor donut as Lisa ate around the filling and tried to get the now wiser dogs to eat their centers... nope again. Ok maybe the monkey will eat it... nope same reaction, spit it out, and actually got a little mad and shook the cage... When food is rejected by several species, some quite hungry... it might not be all that good...


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