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Monday, January 16, 2012

beginnings of another bus ministry...

La Cruz Baptist finished their first VBS with more than 300 attending and brought in 84 in a single trip on the 15 pass van. There were also 84 in the teen class of which 15 came forward for salvation. Amen! It was the first time teaching for the teacher. Two of the bench warming men in the church also went to Carlos saying they wanted to be used in ministry. So they will now accompany the saturday men's outreaches. And this is the start of another weekly bus ministry outreach with the van...Amen. I was talking to Carlos Saturday and he was beaming. He said La Cruz Baptist is different because we laid a good strong foundation on God's word before we started building. Our people dont see things the way other churches do. They search the bible and give rather than believe anything to take. Sacrifice rather than burden. All I could do is say... Amen! He shared how various people sacrificed much to feed and teach 300 children, fix the old van, build bathrooms (where were those for the years I was there? amen)
Talked to Pastor Augusto Sunday. He wants to start bible institute classes Feb 1st in the mountain. Need to get another portable dvd player we have worn out the 6 originals we started with, need to do alot of copying too wish our risograph still worked. He has several adults who really want to grow in the bible. His plan for the coming year is to hold several regular house meeting in the area using his bible students as teachers. Hondurans (saved and unsaved) will often welcome a preaching service in their home. It is counted as a privilage, but wont go to a church. I will be preaching in another mountain friday in a home. Actually outside a home because 100-200 or more people may show up. Preaching under the starts by lantern...better know your message because its hard to read, but great fellowship Amen. Have a months worth of work an only 2 week to complete it before school starts. Need strengh, wisdom and supply to do all that our wonderful Lord has graciously put before us.
Unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,


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