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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just a little bit more...

Been trying to prepare for school to start in Feb. We have a teacher volunteering to help start, but needed a place for her to stay...by Thursday. The only place available was where we were holding church services. It was too small for church anyway. The thought was just fix it up as an apartment and build a multipurpose little pavilion building for the church, ministry, family and school. The idea was posts and a roof to replace the tent we had used. It starts out as a cheap idea, but never seems to end up that way. The “for just a little bit more”s... add up. We still go to the river to get the sand and gravel and sift it, mix cement by hand and do all work by hand. It has turned into a bigger task but is going to be a well used building in the near future. Not only church services will be held here, but other ministry meetings, school for our children, and possibly an adult education ministry ect. The Kia has hauled so many loads for projects like like this over the years, it now shows the abuse. It has lived most of its life overloaded and in 4x4 low. Now the transfer case grinds and both differentials grind, CV joints, front end needs more work, needs complete brakes, windshield, compressor..ect and the bed is now rusting since we have worn all the paint off sand blasting it a shovel full at a time. How can I be overloaded there is still room and the truck still moves... “just a little bit more” ...great for soul winning, bad for cargo. The kids like going to the river even if its just to load sand. They help some and of course play some. Even our “dainty delicate” Jenny offered to help... Once. I told her just 100 shovel fulls into the truck ok papi 100,99, 98..89, uh panting between words papi I'm tired, then takes my drink and goes off to walk in the water.. Hmm. Well it was eleven shovels I didn't have to do, but cost me my drink. But the hugs are worth it. They took the camera out and shot some photos...When they hear the truck start they run to stand on top of the pile for the ride home.

Went up to lenaca to preach Friday. We stayed and did a video outreach as well. When we go there we become the only light on the mountain physically and spiritually. The new power inverter runs the lights and we are the only light for as far as you can see in the dark night. It also runs the microphone and video projector without the annoying buzz we have had in the past. La Cruz has picked up 3 new complete families through VBS plus many kids. And the Faro Baptist church has had a new family also start attending in the last two weeks. The kids went visiting inviting the neighborhood today to our church outside. Because the apartment is filled with wet cement on walls and the church building has no roof in sun. Just set up chairs in a shady place and preach. Pray they stay and grow.

After many delays trying to adopt through child services we contacted a lawyer. Every thing here seems to need a lawyer. He said he should only take about a month. We shall see. He now has his required funds and prayerfully in a month we will have adopted our first two children. Jenny and Patricia with other to follow as funds become available. This might open doors for both them and the ministry in the future. Keep praying we let none of them go to waste.. Amen!

Lisa took a few photos of the kids today. Click on the photos to enlarge...enjoy


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