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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Had another outreach this evening. Brother Morales invited folks from Namisigue and his father and I picked them up in our trucks, about 80 in all. The evening was one of teaching on family and dads. Numerous hands raised wanting to walk closer with Christ. Amen. As is the way here, nothing happens without complications. Jr was teaching late in the mountain, could not find all the gear he put away. Started to set up and the power goes out, thankfully it came on in time for invitation two and a half hours later.  Just before starting, I headed to town rushing to buy needed (lost) items for evening. Lisa found them with a flashlight and I rerouted to go pick folks up instead. Return with a truckload of people and set up the kia for lights in the dark to have services. While taking people home, the front axle on the kia broke again on a steep downgrade carrying about 40 people. And it is real low on fuel having used the kia to run lights ect for the service. Hope it makes it to gas station. But the results in the photos were worth it. One of the mom's as she was leaving said we need to hear this every night, everybody needs this message... Amen.

Earlier in the day we had 3 theives on the property up on the hill behind the house watching us. Sayder had spoted them unseen and I asked if he thought he could sneek back up get a photo of them... He did, and when they saw him they turned and ran not wanting a photo. We took it to the police, who reconized one of them. Amen.


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