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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A painful road

Had an event filled week. When you live in a home with 20 or so people all with differing needs, problems, issues,
levels and directions...there is always someone in the state of flux. 3am seems to have become our new quiet time.
Lisa uses 12-3... I get 3-6am.  Alba is recovering from having the baby and is settling in a routine. She had asked
to have a baby dedication time at the end of the service. Pastor Augusto is not one to take this lightly. He came
down from the mountain during the week to council her on the seriousness of this vow to God. When he felt convinced of her sincerity he agreed. He also shared years ago with his son he wanted to do a similar thing in a church. He went forward after a service and asked the pastor, the pastor said great and without explaining or counciling or waiting or even inviting his wife up, prayed quickly right then and poof it was over. He felt cheated or cheapened about the desire he had in his heart. This shaped his opinion on how to deal with others who seek this. Sunday he
taught a very heavy lesson on the resposibility of the parent and the example of Hanah. The prayertime brought out a mixed bag of tears in Alba, tears of fear, joy, burden, happiness and security. It is a fearful thing to fall in to the hands of God... but a wonderful joy to leap into the Heavenly Father's hands...Amen.

A few happenings...Right before bedtime, Enrique was running outside and stepped on a sharp rock slicing his foot... another rush to
the pay hospital to sew him back up and week on crutches.
 The kids were playing with the camera while I was on the

computer doing a lesson (trying) and Korina came up behind me to hug me... It is these little things the LORD uses to keep my focus during the spirtual battles.
Lisa also did a little photography this week and posed some of the kids and the baby...and the dog jumped up on the table to get in the act. As if just kids were not hard enough to pose. The 4 newest children have been intergrated into the family well.

The tide may be turning in one of the spiritual battles. Keep praying. Wednesday I received more bad news and had resighed to
the fact I was going to loose a battle. I sat in the truck and prayed tearfully to the LORD to that effect. 20 minutes later I received
a suprise phone call from Jenny. It was even more surprising to hear what she had to say. She wanted to make some things
right... She was in Tegucigulpa and wanted to see me face to face and talk. She caught a bus and Lisa and I meet
her and talked for 5+ hours. She wanted to go before the church and appoligize for the destruction she had caused.
I talked to her for many hours, several more times in the following days and each time she seemed drawned closer to
the LORD, actually asking me to teach her more. Sunday Lisa and I walked with her up front in the la cruz church to
allow her to let go of this burden. After we left, she fell into our arms in hugs tears and relief. She then opted
to visit our home and the kids for a joyful few hours. She has not chosen to come back home but seems to be
desiring a better road. Please keep the prayer on full. I believe she is at a critial juncture, if she continues to
make bad choices at this point she does so with a full understanding of the conscequenses and there may be no
remedy. She knows what God would have her do. The things we have talked about have been very hard lessons, very
frank, very personal and very humbling. Matters of the truth in the heart... which is all God looks at.  But this
is the first time in months I have had any hope she was even capable of the right choices... Pray the spirit wins
over the flesh. Her battle is not over nor has the spirit won, but there is light shining all about and she has no excuse for not seeing.....Amen.

The fund raising for a new vehicle is up to $12,000 promised. Amen! The Korean kia is currently speaking German "workenbroken". Still using it while locating the needed parts. A few fuel injectors have begun to die, hard to get it started, leaking oil and water and the front axle is broken as well as binding if you turn too hard... Been waiting for time, money and parts, thankfully ordered parts yesterday. It has to stop rolling before one can install parts though...

We are hoping to settle the paperwok for the property in Colonia trapechee soon. After it is secure they want to
begin building a place to meet. Even just a tin roof and posts. Church services under a tree in the rain seem to get harder after 3+ years. As with most projects here we start by faith and prayer. Never cash in hand to finish a task, just know the task needs doing and start with what we have. Just begin and the LORD provides as needed...and be content with whatever is done.. Click on photos to enlarge
Unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,


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