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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Angel Gabriel

The authorities have been calling and calling begging us to take in another baby. Lisa went to town today to see what's up and came home with another baby. A 10m old, very malnurished 10lb boy named Angel Gabriel. He cannot hold up his head, can't move his arms or legs with purpose, can barely suck on a bottle and when he cries or laughs, no sounds can be heard due to weakness from severe malnutricion. He is also very sick. Child services, the family court judge and the public hospital felt he had the best chance with us. Need to start blood work check for aids, hepatitus and infections, etc. Lourdes and Jr. have opted to care for him for now because he will need intense one on one care for a while, under Lisa's eyes so to speak.  Now caring for 28 mouths to feed, need God's provision. Living by faith...


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