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Thursday, January 15, 2015


It has been a busy couple of weeks. After a tireing new years we jumped right
into american visitors coming. 2 small groups back to back. We also have had vacation
bible school at several churches and managed to hand out the last of the
Christmas joy bags in a mountain church. 2 weeks non stop and also trying to prep
all that is needed for a our first wedding at the Lighthhouse and preparing all
the needed paperwork for the upcoming Nic trip. Our new kia will not be allowed
into Nic the first time because Honduras has not issued tags for any new cars in
over a year. We are hoping on the first visit to get permission for the later
visit. But for now we must repair the old kia to make it long trip worthy.(Holes in the bucket) Also
other issues not expected. We have a pastor from a poor mountain church in an
area very dificult to live and work who also took in orphans from his church.
Against my council, sometime back he felt desperate trying to provide for everyone and took out a micro bank
loan to repair and expand his dirt home. Adding one room more to his small dirt
floor shack to house the 11 currently in his home. A high interest micro loan of
a few hundred dollars that had his home as collateral. He has not made enough
farming corn(very hard work on a mountain side and must be guarded 24/7) in the
mountain to feed his family and pay it back. He received notice they were going
to take his home and property unless he paid off the balance of less than $600 by
the 19th. If he looses his home we will loose a church because it will be unlikely of finding another man willing or capable of living there in the uttermost
parts. (holes in our bucket) I learned last night a widow's son in the church in city was painting a
bank and touched a high voltage line with the long roller and was zapped. He
survived, but they had to amputate his leg. The church is seeking ways to help the
family because their provider will no longer be providing, more holes in the bucket.

 For those long time readers/prayer warriors.. .One of our protigal Lighthouse children has come home repentant and wanting to make her life right. Jenny is no longer a child and she has a child of her own she now wants to make a life for. She desires to stay and finish school with us and see what the LORD leads. An answer to prayer
 The vbs in the city brought in over 200 children 80+ per trip in the 15 passenger van/bus...and it broke the clutch. (another hole in the bucket) So the new kia will pick them up this Sunday...maybe 230kids...wonder how many trips?  Spent  yesterday on the mountain with a vbs there, It was a blessing to actually be the fifth wheel and not needed as the bible students handled everything. Then went for a preaching service with the pastor in a home of a potential new church member and their family. Pastor Kiefer preached there as well and our girls sang. Very nice service in a hut on top of a mountain about 200 yards up a creek bed.  Many added expenses
with ever declineing provision. Alway 10 gallons of need and only have a 5 gal
hole filled bucket of provision to work with. Please keep us in pray for their
are many adversaries...and many needs...


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