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Friday, January 23, 2015

Let there be light...

The church in San Geranimo now has light. The Kiefer family worked hard and installed fans and lights in the church on Mon and Tue. Wendsday was time to sit on the beach and let the kids play in the ocean. Five of our kids had never seen the ocean as well as some of the Kiefers. Good time of rest. Thursday the new lit church had it's first night service under it's own light. Pastor Kiefer preached. The men from LaCruz came and Kiefer girls did music. I think the LORD was pleased... 

Our mountain pastor who was about to loose his house received mercy from the LORD.  Ministering saints answered the LORD and supplied, one even selling his gun for funds.The pastor took out a very small loan about 7 years ago but has struggled to pay it back. What was the loan for? To expand is humble mud home to accommodate the two orphans he took in from his church after both parents died of aids. He is a subsistance farmer farming other's land when they permit. Ie growing corn on the side of a mountain planting each seed by hand. The loan payment prevented him from sending his own children to school past the 6th grade as well as hindered his ability to supply food. We helped over the years as containers came in with food to share or seed to plant but it is never enough. The bank gave final notice and monday was the last day to pay or he would loose the home... Monday the LORD paid off his $600 morgage on the mud home. I gave him a hard bible economics lesson before letting him know I had the funds. Then let him know the LORD supplied because of the fatherless under his roof not to rescue him from poor choices. He understood well. We then went to the bank, and got papers. He asked for our small generator and lights so he could have a church service at his home and give thanks. Yesterday he carried the generator down the mountain on his back to meet me in the city to give it back. I found out his youngest daughter was sick and needed antibioticsand was undernurished. (Kathyrn was the little girl who fell in the well and cling to the wall all night while everyone searched about 5 years ago.) We offered to care for her for a couple of weeks but she wanted to return to her mom, so we gave funds for meds and food and prayer. Hopefully now that the burden of home is removed, food will get better in the home as well.
A good Good week and it aint over yet. Thank you LORD for your ministering Saints.


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