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Friday, November 6, 2015

Keep moving forward...

Still moving ahead. The retention wall repair for the San Geranimo church is going up thanks to help from ministering saints. The pastor's wife there is having exams for cancer, no results yet. Needs prayer, name is Clare.  Was able to find a headlight for the kia, just need to make a bumper and fix the door and cab corner and paint it all. Another mountain church is dealing with three possible funerals at same time. We are prepping for 2 weddings at Lighthouse property. Various gov officials might be attending Jenny's along with a local paper.  The industrial sewing machine that was donated is in the mountain. Our school year is over but will start up again in just a few weeks... One more trusted the Lord this Sunday. Several in our home have gotten sick over the past weeks, just the normal stuff. Need to visit the mountain churches more, teach more ect. Just never enough time or funds. Mostly the later... Have several prospective church plants. Just need labourers and funds...want to go into Nicaragua the first part of January teach and outreach with the church plants there. An evangelistic medical team will visit here the later part of Jan, should be a great blessing. Hard to captain the ship and paint the hull at the same time, need just the right conditions for the same guy to do both...wont happen in a storm or narrows or shallows...
Went to check on the church wall this morning and clutch went out on kia. Hyd cyl went out found an seal kit for a hyundai that would work and got it repaired while running...Why? It was hot and had kids with me in the airconditioning. Weee. Not what I hoped to do today.... yesterday fix the boys shower. Water would not shut off, cannot get replacement seals or even the same valve to rob parts. Option one,  chip out the concrete and tile make a big hole to repair. Option two,  add a valve to the top near shower head...money and time dictated option 2 for now... weee. Gotta do what you gotta do to keep moving forward...amen...keep us in prayer... thank you

Added ... Wall going up on the San Geranimo church retention wall repair... AND, the walls going up on our first Nic church. Lots still to do but building the walls continues... they want me to go in Feb for the first in building service.


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