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Friday, January 8, 2016

Ending with a bang...

Ending the year with a bang. It has been a blessed year over all. Many trials, many storms passed but the "Son" always comes out and shines in the end... December was a hard month in many ways, yet blessing fell more abundantly than burdens. Ministering saints allowed Lisa to visit her father after a heart attack and care for her elderly parents.
Two weddings for 2 girls who have been part of our ministry since the beginning. Jr modified another missionary's Kia for more extreem use and also went to Nic with our evangelist and preached. The church building in Nic is going up.
They want us to return and help weld the roof. The classroom construction in St Teresa has begun. The well at the Lighthouse was repaired for much less than we were told and feared it would cost. But only after much labor from Jr and the boys building rigging making tools ect. They were finally able to extract it and do the needed repairs and the well was not as damaged as we thought... Another miracle. A supporting church sent their pastor, Pastor Kiefer and his wife and daughter to help with the wedding of Jenny. With their help it turned out wonderful in every way. They blessed in many ways even afterward. It was a needful visit.


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