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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jenny married...part 1

Married... Honduras requires couples to be married civil before they can marry in church. The "legalize" not unlike a licence in the USA only here it is binding before a preacher makes them say "I do". So we gathered all this morning to city hall Jenny and Alberto along with Josilyn and Hydle. We opened in prayer having the new husbands pray, then the fathers, then the pastor. Right in the middle of city hall praying in a circle. Then the official comes out and does the signing and kiss. He pushed Jenny and Alberto a bit trying for a big romantic kiss rather than the peck they did...
they would not, wanting to wait for the marriage in church before the Lord... fun to watch...They will make their vows in church Jan 1st with a visiting American pastor friend doing the service. He has prayed for Jenny for 10 years with his family. Until then Jenny and Alberto have chosen to continue to live apart to honor the Lord in their marriage.  Amen. In the photo below is Jenny looking up in her church wedding dress. Lisa took one of her 10 years ago in her first white dress in the exact pose. I used it in a video I made years ago and it is burned into my memory. I could not find it. A ministering saint sent me an old copy of our videos and I just happened to see it again... so I took a screen shot. God is always in the details. Jenny came in this morning very early while I was praying, we prayed and wept together for near an hour for the last time as my little girl because after today she legally is her husband's.
thank you Lord. As I got the receipt from the courthouse I turned to Alberto and said just like all the stores in Honduras, once you have the receipt in your hand... no refunds and handed it to him... good laughs...


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